The Reality of One

One Person. One Journey. One Unknown Outcome.

Spiritual Experience: The Possession

Being Clairsentient, I am able to sense and physically feel spirit energies. We communicate by having them touch me on my shoulders to answer either, yes or no. My guides touch my right shoulder to say hello and confirm their presence. However, this time it was different. Something tried to overcome my body and the worst part was, I could feel it trying to get inside me..what is going on? I evolving into a medium?

After a few hours of sitting at my computer desk, I became surrounded by energies from all areas of my room. I could feel them. I could sense them. They were pulsating at a speed similar to the beating of my heart in fear. I closed my eyes and tried to shun what it was I was encountering. A spirit slowly began to rub my arm. Another placed its hands upon my shoulders. What was happening? What was I going through? I then felt something enter my body. I felt a spirit slide itself into my arms. My arms began to pulsate. I could actually feel the spirit within me. My arms felt light. They felt as though they were vibrating with energy. I then felt it enter my legs, as the soles of my feet began to pulsate. I quickly moved them, but no matter where I placed them, the floor beneath them would soon take on the same vibration as before. There was nowhere to hide. Something was entering my body and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Was I becoming possessed? Was something trying to take over my body? What was going to happen to my soul? The fear was taking over me. I felt scared, alone and hopeless.

I quickly jumped in fright. I ran down the hallway which led to the front door. Once I got outside I began running in a circular motion with one hand on my head and another on the back of my neck. As I ran I could feel the spirit inside my legs and inside my arms. It was like the spirit was trying to wear me as clothes. The only part of me that was not invaded by the spirit was my torso, neck and head. I figured if I blocked my crown chakra and throat chakra that it would not succeed in getting inside me completely. Blocking those chakras is the only thing that made sense to me. I continued running in circles. In the eyes of my neighbors I was sure to be seen as a maniac, one whom had consumed too many drugs after a night of over indulgence in various party favors. I didn’t care. I was scared. I knew what I was feeling and I didn’t want to become possessed by something evil. My soul was of light and I was not giving in. No, not this time.

I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I thought it was kind of weird how it wasn’t controlling me. I figured since it was inside my arms and legs that it would move my arms and legs in the direction it wanted, but nope. All it did was pulsate. My arms and legs just felt as though they were asleep and I was trying to wake them up. You know, that tingling sensation that overwhelms a body party after being asleep for sometime. It wasn’t anything scary, but still I had never experienced this before. I can remember looking off into the distance and seeing words in the shape of a novel overtake my vision. I could still see the physical plane and everything residing upon it, but these invisible words were projected over everything. The words I could not read. They were there, but reading them was impossible. What were these words? What were they trying to tell me?

After visiting a church and sprinkling myself with enormous amounts of holy water, I brought myself back home. I brought myself back to the place in which the encounter of this possession first began. Was I safe here? Was I going to make it out alive? The answers were unknown, but I had to eat. I figured that eating would help ground my energy. It would hep ground my body. SO, my mom fixed me a bowl of gumbo. Picture me trying to eat the gumbo while still keeping my hand on my head. I kept my head covered, because as soon as I would move it, I swear I could feel something touching the top of my head. Like I said before, I wasn’t letting anything get inside of me, especially my head.  I finished the gumbo and took the couches offer to gift me with sleep.

I was tired and needed to rest. I needed the sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt this intense heat coming from the couch. It started off warm and got warmer and warmer. It eventually became so hot that I had to my arm. I then felt this strong vibration by my feet. The vibration was so strong that my feet were moving on their own. It wasn’t inside of me, but externally. It’s like my feet were in this bubble of energy that had its own pulse. I dropped the fear and allowed it to happen. Within a few minutes I felt hands touch my feet within this vibrating energy. I thought to myself, okay, so the pulsating energy is this spirits energy and its hands are its own. It was weird, but I didn’t fear this spirit. It just wanted to touch my feet. Maybe it wanted to give me a nice massage. It quickly went away.

I was getting comfortable again. I was no longer scared. I closed my eyes and began speaking to my angels and guides. Sleep is what I needed and rest was much needed. I swear I was almost sleeping when I felt a piece of my hair pulled out of my head. It was yanked from my scalp on the front row above my forehead. It didn’t hurt, but yet again I was scared. Why was all of this happening? What is the reason behind all of this? All I did was beg to not have my hair pulled out again and soon after I was asleep.

Sometimes we experience things merely to test our level of fear.

There is truly nothing to fear as long as all is seen as love with love for love

I recently learned from a medium friend that what I experienced was normal. He stated that every medium experiences some sort of paranormal encounter that brings them to fear the unknown. It is all a part of spiritual growth. He also said that the hot energy was, either a guardian angel or ascended master. He said that our spirit guides have the same energy temperature as our own and that newly deceased spirits have cold energies. This comforted me. I am not sure if I passed this test, but passing this test wasn’t important. Growing in knowledge is what matters most. To know the difference between fear and love is the true reward in this experience. I thank you guides, guardian angels and ascended masters for taking the time to teach me this valuable lesson.

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Dweller In The Light

ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, is the science of all sciences. This once sacred knowledge is now accessible to the public and has shined light into the darkest corners of the world and the minds of its inhabitants. Perceptions are changing, reality reconfigured,  existence redefined and illusions distinguished. Knowing is power and power is knowing. It is through the spark of the 7th Chakra where the flame of the soul discovers its light  in the 5th Chakra. Connection  7th Chakra Elevation of consciousness is food to the  essence of nature finds all in the the Sun’s glow.
energies of the Great Central Sun. s bringing with it answers to  inherited knowledge, traditions and beliefs.  Esoteric Astrology is not easy to comprehend and is best suited for the abstract minded, because it is complex and unconventional.
yet holds the key to discovering evolution and existence. providing light to the darkest corners of humanity and existence. to the minds of humanity where it is being studied and revised by teachers and students all over the world. studied. bringing light into the darkest owhere it will be revised and comprehensible state.
After years of research on the newly relevant science of all sciences, I’ve found clarity. In terms of man, there exist within his cosmic astral energy field seven (7) various planes of expression. Each plane plays an important role in receiving and transmitting the subtle impressions to and from the seven (7) sacred planetary gods in our solar system. Each planet influences and commands the functioning of mans personality.
Humanityis divided into three levels, which labels man apart of the lesser zodiac (still supervised and influenced by the sacred planets), the disciple (man working through his Sun sign and interacting with his Rising sign) and thenthere are the initiates (those able to perceive and manipulate the energy of the planets toachievesoul purpose and aid humanity).These 7 rays are highly important in understanding ones qualities, strengths, abilities and capabilities. Some work with only one ray, while others work with 3 or 4. It all depends on one’s soul level of enlightenment. These energies have always worked behind the scenes on the astral plane. These Rays are cultivated from the seven (7) stars of the Great Bear constellation. From there they cycle through the seven (7) sisters of Pleiades directly through  the constellation minor Ursa. Next, they make their way to Sirius where they then are transmitted from the 12 constellations into each of the 12 zodiacs. From the 12 Zodiacs the Rays then enter our Solar System and are funneled through the core of our Sun.  The 7 rays are then channeled throughout the 7 Sacred Planets and then finally transmitted  to Earth through its Plantary Chakras, or 7 Cities,  and then finally filtered into the seven (7) energy chakras of humanity..

Ok, so back to my discovery,
To ensure you are properly prepared for the strike of the Dweller you may want to examine your SUN sign, its ruler and house position. The Shadow Self would be the MOON sign and its ruler and house position, along with its polar opposite sign.



Personalized SOUL Chart )



“As your consciousness expands so must your knowledge

on the higher and lower dimensions of self.”

This report focuses on interpreting your Rising Sign and its esoteric ruler. Along with helping identify the essence of your soul and its purpose I will provide detailed information on the positions of each sign in your chart and correspond them to their placement within the 12 houses. This report will help further the understanding of ones knowledge on who they are within the energetic planes of their multidimensional bodies.

I look to each sign and their esoteric ruler; transpersonal planets


When you send your payment, please include the following in a note:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Location of Birth
  • Time of Birth

Price: $55.00


Each report will be delivered VIA email.

[Included With Purchase: PDF file of Report and Chart Wheel]

***Be sure to include a valid email address upon payment.***

Man, His Soul and Spirit

“Man, His Soul and Spirit”

By: Tyler J. Hebert

Mind, Body and Soul = Personality, Form and Energy 

Man is molded by form of matter and his spirit a frequency of energy. Both share the same energetic structure, yet each vibrating at a different frequency.

Man is to achieve a state of higher consciousness through the conscious awareness of his Mind, Body and Soul. When these three lights meet and are properly balanced, man initiates the start of his soul development. He will then use the lights of his mind, body and soul to journey into the darkest depths of his being where he must face the battle between his lower and higher aspects of self, the Soul versus the Personality. The Personality must give in and become the servant to the Soul. Once the Soul and Personality are fully integrated, man will evolve into a more soul-centered personality.

The Soul then must continue purifying the mind and body, including the etheric body (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) to fully release man of his lower vibrations and raise his consciousness to its highest level while in physical form.

Once this happens, the soul will exit man where it initiates the anchoring of Spirit into Man, aka Spirit into Matter. Spirit is energy at its highest vibration and Matter is energy at its lowest vibration. The SOUL is the way through which SPIRIT connects to Matter and Matter to Spirit. Man is the shelter for Soul and the vessel for Spirit. The Soul is the bridge linking Spirit and Man. Spirit is the connection between Heaven and Earth.

DISCIPLE: Virgo & Scorpio

FINALLY, I FOUND THE CONCLUSION TO MY TRANSITION. After much time of researching, I’ve discovered the reason behind my spontaneous shift of Identity, consciousness, perception, interest, passion and awareness. However, I am still working formulating a concept on how to manifest this information in a comprehensive  way.


 Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Aquarius Moon(Aspects of Personal Natal Chart)

The 4th Ray Energy rules my chart, followed by influences of the 2nd, 1st and 7th. Every individual is composed of 6 different Ray Energies.  I am still searching for my 6th Ray of influence. Progression is still needed regarding the line of Esoteric Astrology. Once I further my knowledge, blog post shall be posted.


Through the development of the triple form Personality and in the balancing of my sun sign VIRGO with its polar sign PISCES my NATAL WHEEL shifted from a MUTABLE CROSS into a FIXED CROSS. In return, I experienced CRUCIFIXION.



“On the mutable cross the man reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration, and so prepares himself for the fixed cross of ‘DISCIPLESHIP’.

Then he finds himself upon the Fixed Cross and begins to grasp the whole of the purpose of experience behind the Mutable Cross (as far as humanity is concerned)

– and to realize that there is a ‘HIERARCHICAL PURPOSE’ which can only be grasped by the man who is willing to be crucified upon that Cross.”

He reaches the stage of responsibility, self-awareness and right direction.

His orientation is now “the spiritually vertical which involves the inclusive horizontal.”

At this stage, the Plan of the Logos begins to take shape in his consciousness.

Upon the Cardinal Cross, the purpose and the unified consummation of the two earlier crucifixions become almost blindingly apparent and a vision of the unified intent of the three Persons of the underlying Trinity (each upon His Own Cross) emerges with clarity.

IF YOU HAVE SCORPIO as your ASCENDANT, please contact me.

Dimensional Planes of Expression


The Human Species, inhabitants of 3rd Dimensional Earth, are a multiracial-civilization infused with (3) – 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression and (1)  Transpersonal Expression.

  • Mental (3D Plane)
  • Physical (3D Plane)
  • Emotional (3D Plane)
  • Spiritual (Transpersonal)


3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression

The 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression deal with current challenges an individual must overcome on the material plane. Each challenge is unique in correspondence to the level of advancement achieved by the soul. Progression is defined through karmic lessons and karmic debt. The goal is to purify the entire physical body and then overcoming every challenge within each plane. Once accomplished, the veil over the transpersonal plane lifts and initiates the next stage of soul development.

Characteristics of The 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression:

  • Mental – Consciousness, Awareness, Discernment
  • Physical – Perception, Identity
  • Emotional –  Empathy, Detachment


Transpersonal Plane of Expression

The Transpersonal Plane involves the exploration within a plane once labeled fiction. The challenges within this plane deal with sensing, perceiving, interpreting and distribution of spiritual 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression, along with finding a common balance between both the spiritual and the material. In finding balance, any information channeled from the higher planes could be grounded into the lower planes and thus be stored for future incarnations to comes.

NOTE: When a challenge failed to be identified/overcome, the universe will continue to repeat the same challenge. This will continue until the challenge is finally overcome and the individual acquires every seed of knowledge needed.

Characteristics of  Transpersonal Plane of Expression:

  • Spiritual – Soul Identity, Cosmic Connection, Universal Oneness

Raven of Darkness

Raven of Darkness 

by Tyler Hebert (Copyright 2011)

“At times the candle on my desk is the only thing that occupies my existence. It’s the only thing that catches a glimpse of my teary eyes. For a tear symbolizes weakness, and that is not how I wish to be portrayed. Therefore only within solitude do I allow the heated flame to silently illuminate the external pain of my haunted soul. The soul that was once pure, but mimics that of another.  The pen in my hand stands still as my breathing alarms its awkwardness. A paused moment for there is not time. With every second the hands upon the wall in my peripheral vision merely inform me that I am running out of time. Reality is slowly starting to mold itself into the past only to take with it, my sanity. Every incident throughout my existence comes to surface in my mind. My longing for answers is what keeps them fresh. Within my head feels like a troubled ocean as the waves rush to the shore for safety. Can anyone hear my calling? Why aren’t the word I wish to speak actually manifesting themselves onto this whiteness. The whiteness that burns my eyes, but embraces my emptiness. Maybe the words I wish to speak need to be hidden for the world would not understand the truth behind the person writing this. For being incognito is what keeps people safe from judgment.  I should probably try to embrace my story to be more of fiction. That would enable it to be more inspirational, understood and honestly of truth. As time fades, I continue to tap my pen on the one thing that can express who I am. The whiteness burns my eyes, yet a piece of it caressing my emptiness. I need this to be written so I can look back on it and actually become aware of the person that holds the pen. I slowly drop my utensil and find myself staring at something that seems to be staring back. The eyes look familiar, very familiar. They resemble something that once made me smile and feel complete. Is this a clue on whom I should be writing about? Is this the inspiration I have been waiting to come my way? The unknown mysterious outtake on this incident is really embracing me to not care. How are one set of eyes going to embark me on a journey that will fill this story with imagination and mystery? These eyes are making me want to drop my pen and let my hands feel nothing other than that of the flame. I want to take a step out of the ordinary to finally let in feelings I have been afraid to confront, but those set of eyes once made me close the doors on my feelings. Only to isolate myself from touch, smell and confrontation. I am left with myself only to wonder why those set of eyes were deceiving? Manipulating? Captivating? In an instant I question my relationship with the eyes. I wonder if they will ever look upon me again from a distance. I wonder if they would be pleased. I guess I will figure everything out once I let the candle illuminate my face as I look into a mirror. I shall see the eyes, the eyes that once stared back at me. The eyes of a boy who writes to express his feelings. At that moment I can give myself a pat on the back for only being dependent on myself for emotional support.“ 

Order Through Chaos


“The War Between Soul and Personality”

Written by Tyler J. Hebert


Each life is difficult, as no life is ever perfect. We are ever-changing and forever growing. As souls we reincarnate with a purpose. To grasp the meaning behind each individual existence is the main thing every human being strives for. We want to have meaning. We seek the security and comfort in self-identification, better known as personality and soul. As children we deal with combat between spirit and personality. As we mature and infuse spirit with personality we then again come into another battle, yet this time it deals with the struggle between spirit infused personality and the soul.  This battle can best be described as a full on war, because this is when the soul awakens to retrieve order through chaos.

The personality, usually molded by corruption and deception, will often times be manipulated into shunning their intuition, also known as the voice of the soul.  This causes the personality to be lured away from the path assigned by and to their soul.  When this happens the vibrations of the personality will no longer resonate with the vibrations of the soul and everything around the personality infused reality will have to be re-molded and refreshed. What no longer serves beneficial to the soul will be removed, including friends, belonging, careers, hobbies, perceptions, etc.

This stage of transformation is, commonly known as, Ascension. This process is mandatory and should be taken seriously if one wishes to benefit fully from such personal development, along with acquiring wisdom through discovery. During this stage of transformation everything changes to better match the vibrational frequency emitting from deep within the core of the newly awakened soul. Such experiences might include, redirection back to the path paved solely for their soul purpose, regeneration of the body back into a state of a purified temple and restructuring of the entire brain, left and right hemispheres, to enable it to reach higher states of consciousness.  The war is complete once the soul is victorious over the personality and harmonic balance is found,one will be gifted with the stillness of oneness. It is within this oneness where heightened levels of extra-sensory perceptions are then perceived through subtle awareness.

Within every experience thereon lies opportunities to acquire fragments of the soul.  These fragments piece together like a puzzle to form an energetic blueprint, which is basically an energetic signature of the soul.  Each of us are assigned certain challenges throughout our incarnation on the earthly plane. These challenges, some easier and some harder than others, aid in gaining a better understanding behind the potential of one’s soul. The level of difficulty depends solely on previously reached enlightenment, obtained during past incarnations over numerous lifetimes, which are permanent etheric imprints residing within each soul blueprint.

These challenges are not supposed to set us back from reaching our soul purpose, but to merely reinforce hidden potential.  They are to be viewed with a more positive perspective with appreciation for illuminating one’s strengths and weaknesses.  Live with awareness for the importance of troubled times, because they aid in the restructuring the self as a whole. Through pain, grief, loss and all rough times comes emotional and mental stability through the power of acknowledging instability and imperfection.

To know thyself as perfect is to know thyself undefined.

Every caterpillar must first fight the struggle of climbing the tough barks of a tree before it settles into a place of peace where it then transforms into a beautiful butterfly and takes off into blissful flight.

I speak from past experiences which now reside within as imprinted accounts of much-needed personal wisdom. Service of self is best developed in dealings of service to others. The self is a form of nature that needs mending. It needs nurturing. As a form we seek substance and that substance is personality and soul. The death of personality is the caterpillar and the rebirth of soul is the butterfly. The challenges of life are our personal rewards.

Think about it.



Get To Know Thyself

There is truly no greater education than that of the self. 

Get to know thyself and thy body. Become your own best friend. It’s a path of peaceful oneness filled with internal bliss.

Once one masters their mind, body and emotions he/she then becomes invincible. It’s possible, but only with persistence, confidence and self-discipline.

Become all you were meant to be by discovering your true potential, not as a human, but as a servant to the evolution of all of humanity.

The book of the new age is being written as we speak. The author is not one individual, but many reflected projections of all whom fear not to embark into the eyes of their own. The novel we leave behind lies within the unveiling of human capability. Self discovery is a journey into the depths of individual existence. The reward is that of hidden knowledge held deep within the sacred chest of his core.

Personal Technique:

Sit down. Get quiet. Ask yourself questions. Silently observe. Listen for answers. Become aware of subtle changes. Acknowledge all emotions. Observe their meanings. Open up and Feel them. Breathe in. Hold it. Then exhale with the intention to release them with forgiveness and love.

With Love and Light,

Tyler J. Hebert

Astral Projection: Attempt 1



After some research on the subject of Astral Projection, I got inspired. It seems as though it is something one must experience to understand how amazing it is. So, I decided to experience it for myself. The basics of Astral Projection is to have your body fall asleep while the conscious is awake. It is very similar to meditating.

I picked up my Blue Kyanite crystal, along with my Hermiker Diamond. Supposedly, blue kyanite places a force field around the Aura to protect the wearer in the Astral realm. To ensure my safety, I placed my blue kyanite around my neck and held my hermiker diamond in my left hand. I placed myself upon my bed with my arms next to my side, palms up. I cleared my mind of any thoughts and politely asked my spirit guides, the ascended masters and my guardian angels to assist and protect me during this exercise. I was now ready to begin.

I began my regular breathing exercises to get my body to a relaxed state. I inhale through nose, imagine the number 1, hold it, then exhale through my mouth.  I do this three times, or until I feel my feet began to tingle. This sensation is great, because it feels as though energy is moving out of my body and into the area around me. Once I felt this, I was ready to move on.

I continued breathing, but keeping it to a slow conscious breathing. It wasn’t long after that I felt my hands begin to pulsate. They were becoming heavy, as though they were filling with energy. My herkimer diamond began to rock back and forth within my palm. It rocked left, then right and then switched to rocking up and then down. This usually happens when I find myself at a very relaxed state. I guess the crystal just connects to the energy flow. I embraced this sensation and put my focus on my whole body. I examined every part of my body to see if I had any energy blockages. Just I put my focus on my feet, the whole top of my body began to tingle as it became weightless. I was in shock. Was I about to astral project?

My bed then became a bench for observers because I must have felt at least 3 spirits sit down next to me. It seems they always love it when I indulge in things that deal with the progression of my soul discovery.

I reminded myself to stop thinking, which is the left side of the brain. I cleared all thought and left my inner vision all black without substance. I then felt a spirit sit next to my head. He/she placed, what felt like, headphones on my head. When things like this happens I always become alarmed, but remind myself I shall not fear. I took another deep breath and relaxed. Whatever was happening was intentional for a purpose. So, I allowed the progress of the encounter to continue.

My right ear began to ring. It wasn’t a normal ringing noise, but more of a binarual beat sound. It was so loud that is vibrated the whole right side of my head. This had never happened before.

On the left side of my face I began to feel something pricking me. It felt as though 3 sharp needles where being stuck into my cheek. The pain was there. It was felt, but something told me to remain calm. So, I did. This lasted for a couple of seconds. I would say 30 seconds, or so. However, it felt like forever.

I then felt something sticking into my neck. This wasn’t a pricking sensation. It was more of something going into my neck and down my throat. Very weird, I know. I envisioned a hand going down into my body and squeezing my heart. But, it wasn’t done with aggression. It was gentle, as though it was triggering my heart to beat. Fantastic experience.

My body then began to vibrate at an extreme rate. It wasn’t my bed vibrating, but just my body. I tried so hard not to lose focus on my goal. I tried so hard to stay relaxed and focused. The vibrations got more and more intense. I was becoming numb and my soul felt like it was being pulled or tugged at. Fear rushed over me. I panicked and then it quickly subsided..

I was almost there, but it seems I still have things to work on. I will try again soon.

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