The Reality of One

One Person. One Journey. One Unknown Outcome.

Spiritual Experience: The Possession

Being Clairsentient, I am able to sense and physically feel spirit energies. We communicate by having them touch me on my shoulders to answer either, yes or no. My guides touch my right shoulder to say hello and confirm their... Continue Reading →

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Dweller In The Light

ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, is the science of all sciences. This once sacred knowledge is now accessible to the public and has shined light into the darkest corners of the world and the minds of its inhabitants. Perceptions are changing, reality reconfigured,  existence redefined and... Continue Reading →


Esoteric Soul Astrology Report

Man, His Soul and Spirit

"Man, His Soul and Spirit" By: Tyler J. Hebert Mind, Body and Soul = Personality, Form and Energy  Man is molded by form of matter and his spirit a frequency of energy. Both share the same energetic structure, yet each... Continue Reading →

DISCIPLE: Virgo & Scorpio

FINALLY, I FOUND THE CONCLUSION TO MY TRANSITION. After much time of researching, I've discovered the reason behind my spontaneous shift of Identity, consciousness, perception, interest, passion and awareness. However, I am still working formulating a concept on how to... Continue Reading →

Dimensional Planes of Expression

The Human Species, inhabitants of 3rd Dimensional Earth, are a multiracial-civilization infused with (3) - 3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression and (1)  Transpersonal Expression. Mental (3D Plane) Physical (3D Plane) Emotional (3D Plane) Spiritual (Transpersonal)   3rd Dimensional Planes of Expression... Continue Reading →

Raven of Darkness

Raven of Darkness  by Tyler Hebert (Copyright 2011) “At times the candle on my desk is the only thing that occupies my existence. It's the only thing that catches a glimpse of my teary eyes. For a tear symbolizes weakness, and... Continue Reading →

Order Through Chaos

ORDER THROUGH CHAOS "The War Between Soul and Personality" Written by Tyler J. Hebert   Each life is difficult, as no life is ever perfect. We are ever-changing and forever growing. As souls we reincarnate with a purpose. To grasp... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Thyself

There is truly no greater education than that of the self.  Get to know thyself and thy body. Become your own best friend. It's a path of peaceful oneness filled with internal bliss. Once one masters their mind, body and... Continue Reading →

Astral Projection: Attempt 1

  After some research on the subject of Astral Projection, I got inspired. It seems as though it is something one must experience to understand how amazing it is. So, I decided to experience it for myself. The basics of... Continue Reading →

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