Life, Death; Rebirth”

There are many possible solutions to put reincarnation defined in determining the human destiny after death. Above all theories, reincarnation is in fact an ancient belief. It was once part of the original Christianity, and it is still part of many religions today, such as Buddhism and Hinduism of the East. It is said the human spirit, or soul, is an essence of the divine. Like what goes up must come down, the soul must return to its divine source after its life is complete on the physical plane of existence. A spirit, or soul, is reincarnated for its own personal evolution, in order, to fully experience all things in past, present and future livesHowever, some seem to deny the truth of an afterlife. They look at the mind as being nothing more than a by-product that states, upon death the life is completely extinguished.

Reincarnation, to me, seems the be the most logical and relevant of all explanations. It is the only way to clearly clarify child prodigies, wise souls and spiritually evolved beings. Any born genius, as was Mozart, who composed concertos at the age of five, is most certainty a soul that was carrying over knowledge from one lifetime into the next. This might also explain homosexuality, and transgendered beings. A male, or female, might have carried over into their present life, feelings and preferences, from a past life. In which, makes me conclude that homosexual beings are most possibly born more spiritually evolved than heterosexuals. This relates to why most homosexuals declare being born gay, lesbian, or transgender. They are born connected to their spirit, rather than having to manually force themselves to become connected. I am not justifying the reason behind this sexuality, but it is the only thing that clarifies a logical explanation in making sense.

For one whom does not have any beliefs in reincarnation, it is probably hard to justify the reasons behind the death of a child, parent/guardian, or a new-born baby. It must be understood that when it comes to reincarnation, there is a set goal, or assignment, that must be achieved in order to gain the knowledge needed in that lifetime. Once that information is acquired the spirit, or soul, leaves that physical body and so moves on to the next. This can be explained as followed: we all start school in a lower grade, Kindergarten, or Preschool. Once the knowledge is gained for that grade we are granted a short vacation before enrollment back into school. This continues until we eventually complete all grades which enable graduation. Think of each vacation as being death, enrollment as the next life, and graduation as the immortal freedom of spiritual transition.

The length of time spent between each life varies on the study of lessons needed to be learned, known as Karmic Lessons. This relates to the same knowledge that is needed to graduate high school. One must overcome struggles and obstacles, or test, in order to prove their worthiness of release. These Karmic lessons are associated with a Karmic Cycle that is merely developed upon the actions in a past life, that are carried over into the present life, and manifest lessons in future lives. Karma is said to be a reward and punishment system that stretches throughout each lifetime of every being. The Karmic Cycle is filled with lessons we bring upon ourselves that we must overcome in order to gain the knowledge to fully prove our acceptance. We must acknowledge and truly radiate non-judgment, joy and unconditional love to manifest transition of evolving to the greatest spiritual form in every way. It is made up of three cycles; Karmic Debt, Karmic Rewards, and Karmic Punishments.

  • Karmic Debts, explain that what you choose to do in one life determines what you experience in your next. We do not choose to be born into a poor family, but it may simply be a karmic lesson that determines our strength to overcome a life that was once judged upon in a recent life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you may have judged someone in a past life, but it might just be a lesson to allow you the chance to understand how it feels to be financially unstable. In order to gain full knowledge one must experience everything first hand.

  • Karmic Rewards, are rewards that are granted in the physical life of the present, in stating that if you do good you shall get good back. If you lend a helping hand, you shall be granted one back in return.

  • Karmic Punishment, is determined upon the way you mistreat beings during each physical life. If you commit to any actions with bad intentions, you shall pay the price. (For example, if you punch someone in the face you may not get the exact action in return. Instead, you may get back three times the punishment which may be presented unto you as a broken bone.)

Once a spirit, or soul, acquired all of the knowledge needed on the physical plane it can, either, reincarnate back onto the physical plane, Earth, or stay within the spiritual plane to become a mentor, leader, or helper, for those spirits, or souls, whom are less evolved. Just like the development and advancement in the physical life, the same goes with the spiritual life. You may have heard of such things as “Guardian Angels”, or “Spirit Guides”, and wonder if they really are of existence. In a sense, they actually do. It justifies that an experienced spirit, or soul, is always watching over another whom is undeveloped here on the physical plane. They are helpers that do not interfere with one’s life progress, but allow a helping hand by sending tips, clues, and ideas, to lead physical beings in a specific path, or direction, to their destiny. The same goes with a physical being always watching over another physical being, as a protector, supporter, nurturer or caregiver. They lend a helping hand by allowing full guidance in physical form.

Even though it appears that our life seems to be preordained, or foreordained, it is still in our hands. Prior to relocating back to earth our spirit grants the freedom of will to a physical being in hopes that it achieves progress in helping Earth, and all of its inhabitants, in evolving to it’s greatest with perfection. Therefore, we all create our own reality along the road that leads to our soul purpose, or destiny, and the evolution of the Earth within this great big universe of physical and spiritual beings. Think about it.