Find your inner voice through creativity.

Some of us are unaware of our spirit guides. We are not able to communicate with them. However, I have the solution. I seem to connect with my guides when I allow myself to express my emotions through art. Upon completing a piece I find myself in bliss, filled with goosebumps. And, goosebumps to me, mean my spirit guides are applauding me with their grace. It is truly a great feeling.

Individuality must be different in order to be original. Find something you are good at and conquer it. Release your emotions in a state of creativity. Produce art. (Paint, write, draw, dance, photograph, run, etc.) Just do whatever you have to do to get your inner voice heard. Express those emotions you hold deep inside with everything you do. Always appreciate yourself and everything you do, as love is the key to confidence, and confidence is the key to unlocking our true potential. You can do it. I believe in you.

I want everyone to know that no one has a complex. Being misunderstood does not give anyone the right to justify the personality of one. However, upon someone judging, or labeling, another fully shows the true character of that person.

I want everyone to always have confidence. Always believe in yourself. For, if you love yourself and everything you do, then what do the critics know anyway? Be your own critic, because we all know what is best for ourselves. Do we not? If you have trouble understanding yourself then I suggest you find pleasure in silence. Sit in a quiet place and allow yourself to think and listen. In time, you will finally come to “see” the big picture.