“We were a sleeping world for a long, long time. And we chose to be that way, because we chose to surrender ourselves and give in to government and religion and let go of our personal power. So, those souls came back to inhabit the land again. It started off with people who were highly intuitive, a certain type of soul.” – From The Blog, “ChannelingErik”

I got the above quote from a blog I enjoyed reading. Check it out, http://www.channelingerik.com/


Now on to my theory on The Shift of Consciousness,

Since 2011, most of us are experiencing a shift in our lives. Our perceptions are slowly changing and, in return, we find ourselves withholding interaction with our once everyday activity. People, such as friends and family, are no longer viewed upon as physical beings, but more on their spirit within, their soul. This is due to a new, or reestablished connection, to our higher state of consciousness, our soul, called awakening. This awakening state will bring forth awareness that showcases the truth of our importance and soul purpose.

If you find yourself avoiding society, noticing hidden talents, acquiring unknown knowledge, quitting your job, or searching metaphysics, then you are most probably going through this spiritual shift.

During the shift some of you may have, or will, notice an enormous increase in intuition. This means that you are a highly sensitive being that is picking up the vibrations of the earth. If you can relate, then you are most probably a more evolved being with an ability, called intuition. These beings are reincarnated back to the physical plane with an important purpose of healing humanity by spreading love, compassion, and acceptance to all. These people are called, Star Seeds, Lightworkers and Walk-ins. They are usually very creative individuals that produce compelling music, writing, and art, which makes people drawn to them.

However, these individuals often times feel no relevance to society that will fill them with loneliness, confusion and sadness, due to being misunderstood, labeled and judged. However the case, because these individuals have a strong sense of intuition they always know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. It just comes naturally to them. Light will shine through them, around them and into everyone around them. They are the healers of the soul. Therefore, when in contact with one you will feel their powerful grace. Unlike most people that live off their own energy, these beings radiate divine energy from the higher source. In return, this enables people around them to automatically confide in them, open up and express hidden emotions. This happens due to the fact that they seem to know that these individuals already know every detail about them, and they most certaintly do.

Star Seeds, Lightworkers and Walk-Ins, are here to aid in the transitioning of earth, and all of its inhabitants, into a new higher level of consciousness.

It is very important that you allow this shift to take place. Do not fight the wave that is pulling you into your higher consciousness. This shift is what your soul has been waiting for and it is your soul purpose. If you accept the shift you will find yourself growing stronger in spirit and developing inner abilities that enhance the powerful being you already are. You will start to evaluate everyone around without judgement based on their intentions, emotions and life experiences. Alone time is of importance in order to fully understand who we really are, as a soul, and where we stand, as a human. If you start to find yourself withholding, you may just cause yourself to jump on a different wave that will take a longer time to reach your destination. As a lightworker, myself, I suggest you enjoy the ride, because the outcome is very worth it, trust me.


Happy Transitioning,

Tyler Hebert