Life is too short to hold grudges, or to dread on something. Try at all cost to resolve any problems with acceptance, and, or, forgiveness. If the problem persists, so be it. The only things that matters is that you tried to resolve the situation, which is all that counts. If something is meant to be fixed it will resolve itself when the time is right. There is no need to trouble yourself over something that isn’t meant to be. You will only hurt yourself more during the process.

For example – 
Try to imagine yourself swimming against a current. Now picture the current as a change trying to occur. If you fight it you will just wear yourself out. You will lose energy and vitality. In the end, you will end up going along with the current anyway. So, just go with it to begin with. Let the current take you.

Always Remember:
We mustn’t fight life changes. 
We must embrace them.
Everything happens for a reason.