I have spoken with multiple people whom state that they have seen low-frequency entities, spirits, shadows, ghost, etc.

I want to know:

Have you ever seen, or sensed, a spirit, on the earthly plane?
Have you ever held a conversation with one? What did it say?
Ever noticed how children have imaginary friends?
Has your child ever spoke about their imaginary friend?

I would like to hear your stories. You could post details about your encounter here, or you can message me. If you post it below, you will encourage others to do the same. I want you to know that you should fear me not. I am not here to judge. I want only to stabilize and increase my knowledge on this topic. The paranormal has been, and always was, something that was an interest of mine since a young age. There is just something about the unknown that stimulates my brain. It literally gets my pumped up.

If you have seen a spirit I want you to know that you are not alone. During my life, I have spoken with numerous amounts of people who have seen, sensed, and even communicated with spirits of high frequency, and some of low. (I listed the difference between low and high frequencies below) To be honest, these experiences are becoming more and more common, especially within children. As a child our perceptions are not limited. This allows a child to be more open to accepting the world and everything that resides upon it, including those on the astral plane, or other dimensional planes of existence.

Ever noticed how every child is sensitive? They cry easily. Ever noticed how you, too, were once sensitive? Upon maturing, with the help of society, we learn to shut off our sensitivities in order to become an adult, refrain from pain and fit in. In the end, we lose touch with our natural-born abilities, including the feeling of emotions.

So, the next time you see a child with an imaginary friend, ask them questions about it. See how your child describes it. Just avoid stating that the person they see is not real, because this imaginary friend could possibly be their guardian angel, or spirit guide. If they stay in touch with their guides they are more liable to reach their life purpose with haste, without knowing failure.

**Spirits do have a level of frequency, as do humans.**

High Frequency: Positive spirits of divine light. Spirit Guides. Angels. Helpers. Spirits of Enlightenment.
– They are often seen as white orbs, or a white mist, within a photo, or in one’s peripheral vision.

Low Frequency: Negative spirits of sudden death. Shadow People. Ghost. Black Mist/Fog. Faceless Spirits of Confusion.
– They are often seen as a black mist/fog in a photo, or the peripheral vision.

I will write more soon. In the mean time, share your stories!