We have no control over when someone will get ill, when someone will pass away or what others will do and say. And, sometimes our intentions do not work out for the best and it will affect our feelings and our feelings will affect the people around us. This is why it is very important that we remember to always be in control of our lives. We are our own masters and if we don’t master who we are, no one will. Think about it, if we are thirsty, we drink. If we are dirty, we shower. If the trash is full, we throw it out. This comes naturally to us, as humans. So, why do some of us fail to realize the importance of controlling our own emotions, thoughts and actions? Why is it so hard to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts?

My theory, we tend to believe our negative thoughts before our positive one’s. It is almost like the negative seems to be right and easier for others to agree with. However you seem to disagree with me, it is true. This is called, corruption. It happens when we lose control of our thoughts and replace them with alternative thoughts. It should be conscious known that our thoughts are never negative, only positive. The only negative thoughts, are those of others imprinted in our mind. The same thing goes with fear. No one is born with fear, as it is not an emotion. Fear is something we perceive. It is something we build ourselves around. It affects us and keeps us from doing the things we want to do. We are not meant to be scared of anything, especially our own thoughts. Why do you fear being nice, but allow ourselves to be mean? Think about it.

Our thoughts are heard by us and only us. So, why do we place the views of others to judge what we think? If you think to yourself, “I am beautiful”, don’t second guess it. If you tell yourself, “I can do it”, then do it. Never tell yourself, “They think I can’t do it.” We should never let people stand in our way. Listen to what they say, but do not let it control your thoughts. This is your life. This is your story. This is your time to get up and do as YOU would, because everything you do and say will affect another. If someone sees you tie your shoe, they will look to see if theirs are tied. It’s like a chain reaction. It is up to you to become the person whom pushes the first domino. Once you push one, another will push another and so no.

A Key To Happiness: 
– Doing something that makes us happy is a great way to live a blissful life. If you compliment another person they will appreciate it, and so will you. If you clean the house, you will feel accomplished and energized. If you allow yourself to dedicate a couple of minutes to actually listen to someone in need, you will feel of value and helpful. You see, what we do affects ourselves and others, because spreading happiness is contagious, but so is spreading negativity. If you want to live a happy life, start spreading positive energy. It really isn’t that hard to understand, but it seems hard to complete.

Remember, we control what will manifest in our lives and it starts by controlling our thoughts.

“Life is a struggle that can be, either, a natural disaster, or a beautiful bliss.”

The choice is ours