Our children are our future.

What we do and say around our children will not influence them, but it can affect the way they see you. Our children that are being born these days are so gifted, its scary. How they see the world is not how many of us saw the world as children.

It took some time, but I think I have the reason behind it. Call me silly, if you wish, but I think the higher power chose this time to recruit his almighty army. They are filled with laughter, intelligence, creativity, opinions and so much energy. At a young age they are already harmonizing the world with their unconditional love for everyone and everything, but so often parents are breaking their spirits. If that wasn’t hard enough, we already have the government corrupting them, as well as us.

We must not allow the government to corrupt their minds, haunt their souls or mold their lives.
We are the holders of our children’s future.
We must not starve our children because they are fat.
We must not rush our kids outside because they would rather read.
We must accept our children for who they are.
We have to guide our children to their future, not force them.
We are their physical guardian angels.
They are our blood. They are apart of us.
We are supposed to watch over our children, not intrude.
We must grant them a secure future.
We must teach them that every person’s life is meaningful.
We must teach them to always have hope and faith.
We must keep them expressing themselves.
We must keep them happy by showing them laughter.
We must always support their decisions, no matter what.
We must teach them the importance of understanding individuality.
We must teach them that everyone is equal, even homosexuals.
We must let them live life to the fullest.

“It should not hurt to be a child.”

The government has it wrong. Helping the world evolve is not by starting war. It is not about who is stronger. It is not about who has more money. It is not about who has more material things. It is about world peace. It is about unconditional love. It is about understanding the truth without influence from those with bad intentions. We all know what is right.

It is time we teach our children to be the warriors we failed to become.

Teach them to fear no one.
Teach them to stand their ground.
Teach them the power of love.

They will either have to clean up the mess we made, because we ignored what needed to be done, or they can be the ones to harmonize the world after we, the adults, take our heads out of our rear-ends, and shake up everything by uncovering the truth behind the government.

It is time to acknowledge the awakening of 2012. It is time to manifest into the warrior spirits we were born with. The time is now.