Have you ever looked in the mirror and pointed out all of your flaws? I am sure most of you have done this before. We are our own worst critic. We need to learn to give ourselves more slack by turning our focus from the physical body to our inward spiritual self. So, the next time you find yourself facing a mirror do not give attention to, or dwell on, what you may see as flawed. Instead turn your focus to your eyes. Look into your own soul. Spend a couple of minutes doing this while only thinking about your positive traits. I want you to see/sense your non-physical spiritual self. Pay attention to the positive thoughts and ignore the negative ones.

When we bring our focus to our own eyes, and those of others, we acknowledge who we/they are internally with respect, acceptance and interest. The eyes speak on so many levels.

After you are done you may choose to document your positive traits. This is a great exercise to help increase self-confidence, gratification and acceptance. Even if you don’t believe your own thoughts, it is okay, because they will still manifest into positive feelings.

Remember, you are flawless, beautiful, loving, happy, magnificent, and most of all, you are perfect.