Evolution begins with each of us, one person at a time, by learning to turn inside for the truth.

I have been thinking about the spiritual shift of 2011-2012, the ascension, the end of the world, the Illuminati, and everything that is going on in the world, which is bizarre and just doesn’t make any sense. The only thing I can think to do at a time like this is spread enlightenment, positive energy, hope and remind everyone about the importance of having faith.

2012 is the year of ascension. Ascension, is the rising of consciousness into an important, or higher, level. They say that the world will end on December 21, 2012, but some predicted that the secret government choose that date to catch us off guard on September 25, 2012, which is when they will bring the world’s population to a sustainable limit. I am not sure how true that statement is, but we shall see. Just in case, there are people who have started developing their individuality by connecting to their inner-self, through spirituality, to find their true potential. There are some people who found themselves going through a spiritual shift out of nowhere without even knowing what was happening. This transformation allows one to completely refresh their mind, body and soul, to enable oneness, which is the state of being pure and unified, or whole.

We must open our minds and neglect the fear of rejection, for fear is an imprint that was placed into our heads for this very reason, especially individualistic thinking. Fear is a manipulative thing that lowers our vibrations. When our vibrations are low, we become vulnerable, scared and dependent. (Is the government shaking up the world on purpose to scare us and lower our vibrations?) When our vibrations are low we lose our train of thought, faith and other positive nature, along with the connection to the higher dimensions. The first step to avoid becoming a walking puppet is knowing that the most powerful weapon already exist inside of us and that is love. When we unleash this weapon we automatically transform into supreme beings with higher dimensional consciousness, which raises our vibrations and lifts the vibrations of mass consciousness. The key to unity is mass consciousness, which is the consciousness of the world as a whole. We must all have faith. We must all love. We must all know that we all incarnated into this life for a reason and the ascension is one of them. We do not fear in heaven. Therefore we shall not fear on the 3rd dimensional plane of existence. Our spirits are strong-willed with keen wit, but we must conquer the hardest thing before we can move forward. We must learn to control the ego.

As individuals, we are each born with our own unique consciousness, energy signature and physical body. Aligning all three, in perfect harmony, will restore ones mind and body to a more calmer state with silence, which allows the tapping of higher dimensional consciousness. We are each born into the higher dimensional consciousness, but upon maturing we choose to shun our own knowledge, views and beliefs. In return, we closed the connection with our third eye, which left us dependent on technology, government, and peers to find answers. Think about it, no matter how much information we gain from another person, or source, we will still feel empty. As we evolve consciously, we climb this latter of supreme concealed knowledge that resides within assuring us that we already know everything there is to know about anything. This is known as knowingness, which is associated with the 7th Chakra, The Crown, which is what connects our physical bodies to our inner, or higher, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and intellect.

Every one of us make up the mass consciousness that connects us all together to manifest reality. Not only do our individual thoughts determine our own reality, but it determines the reality of the world as a whole. The evolution of humanity is in the hands of society, including you, as we all make up majority of America. Creating a supreme mass consciousness will erase the ideas that have separated us from one another where we can then redefine the value of our faith by evolving to our greatest with unconditional love, and acceptance, for everyone and everything.

Remember, every act done with compassion makes a difference!