I knew tonight there was going to be a “Super Moon” and decided to go photograph it. When I got outside I noticed a bright star. To my knowledge this would be Venus. So, I got my camera, placed it on my tripod and pointed it in Venus’ direction. It took a while for my camera to find focus, but eventually it did. After waiting for my camera to capture it and fully process, which seemed like forever, as mosquitoes were attaching my ankles, the photo finished processing. I pressed the playback button and I was amazed at what was revealed. At first I thought it was Venus and her moon. I jumped hysterically, because I had never taken a photo of any planet before. When I got to my computer and zoomed in I noticed that what I thought to be a moon was too large to be a moon of Venus’. So, I researched. This is what I found.



and this is my photo:



So, what do you think? Did I capture Venus and Jupiter?

I think so!



Tyler Hebert