You are more than just a physical body. You have more potential than you may know. Did you know that your mind, emotions, physic abilities and soul have their own bodies? This is why it is important to keep your physical body, as well, as your energy body healthy. We must stop listening to our government and ignore their lies. Have you noticed how we are no longer a free country? Have you noticed how the government seems to be doing well financially, but the world is crumbling? Have you noticed the increase in Autism and deaths due to cancer?  Don’t you find this suspicious? Don’t you want to do something about it? All you have to do is work on yourself. Go within and heal yourself from all the toxins that were placed upon you and within you from deception. This is the only way we can take back our freedom. We must free ourselves from everything we once taught to be true. The right way is and will always be opposite of what the Governments states to be the right way. They don’t want us to know the secrets that keeps them ahead of the game and in control. Now is the time to reveal who you really are by going within to retrieve all the knowledge, wisdom, and power you were born with. Everything you need is there inside of you. All you have to do is acknowledge the truth.

The Physical Body:

The first is the physical body, which is also known as the biological body, or dense body. This is the part of the body that is composed of  liquids, solids and gases. This is the part of the body is the noticeable to the human eye and gives us our own individual identity. The physical body is where our 5 senses are located, including sight, hear, touch, taste and smell. Our physical body also vibrates at the lowest frequency.

The Energy Body:

The second is the energy body system, which consists of four energy layers. The energy body can be considered as a type of battery composed of vital parts. The health of the energy system determines one’s frequency level. Let’s explain the four layers, shall we?

• The ethereal body
• The astral body
• The mental body
• The casual body

The Ethereal Body:

The first layer that exist outside of the physical body is called, The Ethereal Body, which is the clone of your physical body. It extends about 2-5cm from the physical and is known as your life force body, which maintains, energizes, and interacts with the biological body. It is often stated that the ethereal body is the physical body, but it consist of ethereal-matter. Ethereal matter runs on a higher frequency than our physical matter. This clearly means that it has a different dimensional frequency, but coexists in the same physical space as our physical body. With that stated, this is why we are not able to view it in our 3rd Dimensional Reality, but it is there.

The Astral Body:

– The second layer from our physical body is known as, The Astral Body. The Astral Body gives the ability to have desires, emotions, and imagination. This is also the home of our sixth sense, which gives us our psychic abilities.  Through thought it lends us power, which is essential for effective action and manifestation. Astral experiences include dreams, day dreams, fantasies, out-of-body experiences, astral projection, near death experiences, hallucinations, imagination, and visions. So, I am sure you are still thinking about the psychic abilities, right? There are a total of five basic abilities and they are:

Clairaudience ( 5th Charka “Throat” – Ability to hear beyond physical hearing)

Clairsentience, Clairempathy (2nd Charka “Solar Plexus” – Ability to touch/feel beyond physical touch/feeling)

Clairvoyance (3rd Chakra “Third Eye” – Ability to see beyond physical sight)

Clairgustance (beyond physical equivalent of taste)

Clairscentient (ability to smell beyond the physical level)

Now how exactly do you awaken your astral body? Well, it is easy.  Astral consciousness, emotional consciousness, is primarily awakened through the stimulation of desire. There has to be a want. A desire of belief. Remember, the mind is matter. Therefore, you are in control of what will become of your reality, as well, as your physical body.

You can awaken your astral body with concentration, meditation, out-of-body (astral) travel techniques (You can find some on youtube), lucid dreaming (Keep a dream journal), yoga (Practice breathing techniques), certain types of trauma (Accidents, abuse, etc.), and, but not recommended, certain types of energetic stimulation. (Alcohol decreases our connection with our astral body.)

The Mental Body:

The third energetic layer from the body is known as, The Mental, or Intellectual, body. This part of our energy body facilitates our cognition. Cognition deals with knowing, or as some call it, Knowingness, which gives the ability to have thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and higher psychic abilities. When I speak of this I mean intellectual knowing, without logic or proof.  Mental consciousness ranges from everything that we are brainwashed to know all the way to things we were born consciously knowing. The Mental Body has its own range of feeling. When there is excessive focus within the limiting, separative range of thought then there is judgment, mental fear, and depression. When thought expands into the more unitive ranges then there is compassionate-understanding, inner-knowing, harmony and peace,unconditional love, approval of self and others, enlightenment, and outstanding wisdom and knowledge, without logic or approval.

The government strives daily to distinguish individual thought. They fear the power a person would have if he/she actually believed their own thoughts. Do you find this weird? Why are we brainwashed and manipulated? Are we nothing more than test subjects for their deception? And how did they come up with the concept to control our mental body? Have they always known we have energies body? The answer is obvious.

The Casual Body:

The fourth layer from our physical body is called, The Casual Body, also known as, The Soul. The Casual Body, is the all-knowing you, the person who knows you best. The person with all the knowledge, wisdom and creativity, consumed from every lifetime you have lived, including each personality that incarnates in each lifetime. It is your innermost individuality and the pinnacle of personal consciousness that we use physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The casual body has two mental senses: The Group Vibration and Spiritual Telepathy.

– Group Vibration: When we tap into this vibration we are then able to find our soul group, which consists of our soul mates, twin flame, higher self, spirit guides, etc.

– Spiritual Telepathy: This is when we are able to communicate with other souls on the physical plane, spiritual plane, higher dimensions of consciousness, including 4th, 5th, 6th, all the way to the Christ consciousness, etc.

I will record more later. I think this gives you a good idea for now.

Remember, what we put into our physical body will affect the vitality of our energy body.

Make sure you meditate. I found Solfeggio Harmonics to work wonders. You can click the previous link or you find them on I will post a blog on them soon.