Challenge of The Heart

The most important challenge in life is the challenge of the heart. The purpose of this challenge is to strengthen our connection between us and our fellow-men through compassion, sympathy, and, most importantly, unity. We must recognize that we are not very different from each other as we may seem. This does not deal with emotion. It deals more with wisdom, as it takes wisdom to view all the things we have in common. Ignorance is what makes us notice the differences.

In life we will find prejudice, discrimination and hatred, where we least expect it. It is everywhere. We will witness numerous amounts of cruelty, deception, and injustice. Our heart will want us to do the right thing, but we all have the opportunity to take the easy way out. We can just ignore what we see and feel to ease ourselves from intruding. The choices we make will define who we are. The choices we make will define our commitment to help our fellow companions.

In essence, this challenge is not about good and evil, positive and negative, but about bravery and courage. It is about making the distinction between what we are to do and how we must respond accordingly. We are never in the wrong place at the wrong time. We see certain situations at certain times, because we made a soul contract to help that person during that time. We did this to reach a higher level of consciousness on the physical plane, as well, as the spiritual plane. Think of this challenge as a test we agreed to commit during this incarnation. Will you take notice and pass this test, or will you ignore its need to be completed?