The Religions Paradox – The Seven Candles of Unity

Written by:  Tyler Hebert

Religion has always been the source one would look to for Faith. As humans, we live to define ourselves, that is true, but while doing so, we long to define our God, the Divine Presence that is and forever will be by our side in times of trouble. Most of us are born into a certain religion without the chance to explore those that some have never thought of. Is it possible that we have a religion chosen for us to keep us from exploring other religions in fear that the human race would be successful in reaching the God Consciousness? This consciousness does exist inside each human being, and yes, including you.

After studying various religions and their scriptures, art work, and theories, I came to a conclusion that each religion is similar in so many ways. Therefore, I thought why is it that so many religions exist if they all preach about the essence of God? The only difference between some religions are the path they take to reach God. There are two paths. One labels god to be an experience, through meditation they long for the essence of nirvana. The other path is taken by those that label God to be once human, through worship they praise for the essence of enlightenment. Do you see the difference? But, what is the difference?

In the world there are a total of seven candles that are thought to be the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Try to envision this. The candle holder is the foundation, which is the world, and the seven candles are seven specific religions, those that stand firm in their beliefs. When one candle is lit it is only able to illuminate a small portion of the darkness. The area it exist in. Now, imagine that we light all seven candles. When each candle is lit their flames will work together to burn bright enough to illuminate a mass majority of the darkness. So, if the candle holder is the world, and the candles represent various religions, what could the flames symbolize? Have a clue? Think of candle and flame, human and life, religion and spirituality. Take notice how one is the essence of the other’s meaning. Therefore, the flames, when burning together, symbolize the Holy Spirit. The spiritual vibrations from the seven religious beliefs working together, as one, empower the Light of The Divine Essence.

However, some religions can relate to the seven candles in a significant way. Instead of seven candles they believe that seven energy centers exist within them called, Chakras. It is stated that once all energy chakras are active and spinning in harmony one will reach total oneness, and possibly experience nirvana. The fact that seven candles exist in some religions and seven chakras exist in others is not likely to be coincidental to me. There has to be a reason behind the number seven, as numbers play a large part in understanding symbolism and key aspects of ones reality.
The number seven (7) also relates to:

– Number seven is the number of perfection, security, safety and rest.
– The Pythagoreans called the number seven “the Septad”.
– Number seven is the number of Neptune
– In Persian, haft means seven and Sin is S.
– The Seven continents – Asia, Africa, N.America, S.America, Antarctica, Europe, & Australia.
– The Seven Deadly Sins were the teaching of early Christians to educate their followers.
– SEVEN is found 735 times in the Bible, SEVENFOLD – 6 times, and SEVENTH – 119 times. (32)
– The Seven-branched Menorah is a reminder of the words written in Isaiah 42:6
– Shivah means “seven”, this refers to the first seven days of mourning.
– The Seven Laws of Noah are also called the Noahide Laws
– There are seven verses in the first sura (chapter) in the Qur’an.
– God had sent the angel Gabriel to reveal the story of the Seven Sleepers to Muhammad.
– Jahannam has seven gates which are open at all times. (Qur’an – Sura 15:44).
– Aqiqa, a Muslim custom, waits for a baby of seven days old to shave their head and name it.
– During the rituals of Hajj pilgrims walk around the Kaaba seven times.
– In Mythology, the seven sisters, were known as “The Pleiades”, were transformed into stars.
– “The word of him who has the seven spirits of God and seven stars”. Revelation 3:1
– Atlas was also the father of the Seven Hesperides (daughters of the Evening Star).
– The number seven is the sacred number of Apollo, one of the most important greek gods.
– Polynices raised an army led by seven commanders to take Thebes by force.
– Seth gave Isis seven scorpions that promised to protect Isis and her unborn son.
– There are 7 days in a week.
– In Japan there are Seven Lucky Gods.
– There are seven notes to the diatonic scale.
– Seven circles form the symbol called “The Seed of Life”, the six days of creation.
– In the Tarot, seven is the card of the Chariot.
– The seven dwarfs were named: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy & Sneezy.
– September means, “The seventh month”, in Latin.
– Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac.
– The tangram is a puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called t- ans. The objective is to form a specific shape (given only a silhouette) using all seven pieces.
– The entire seventh month of the lunar calendar is considered the Ghost month.
– The number seven contains the number three, of the heavens and soul, with the number four, of the earth and body. Three is the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding, and four is the number of god.
– Pilgrims are also required to throw seven pebbles at each of the three walls representing the Devil.

Now, how can each religion help the other? Well, each religion holds a key inside of it that completes the missing pieces of the others. The key is the wisdom they each possess. At the moment we each hold a piece of the puzzle that connects us with the temple of our divine essence of oneness. When these pieces are put together, ones wisdom becomes the others treasure. We need to open our eyes and become aware of the level of our existence.

What is the level of your privacy? Have you checked the safety of the food you feed your family? Don’t you find society to be robotic? Are we even still free? We have fallen into the mass pits of manipulation, false theories, brain control, vulnerability and imprisonment. If you fail to agree, then you are one of the robots that have failed to realize the worth of your own soul.

Each person sends vibrations into the air every second, as does the earth, with every step we take, every word we speak and every person we touch. Even our thoughts are vibrations. This is why the law of attraction is found to be based on the value of our intentions. Is the key to the evolution of humanity about experience and the physical? Therefore, that means there are only two paths, spiritual and physical.

The Master repeated for the third time that day, “The one Understanding was split into the 7 Great Wisdom’s. Each of these flames are burning among the 7 religions. Understand the 7 Wisdom’s and you will have true Understanding.”

Holyness – Moses (Wisdom of The Sabbath; The Presence of God)

Oneness – Buddhism (Wisdom of Awareness; The Temple Is Within)

Balance – Hinduism (Wisdom of Infinity; The Importance of Equality)

Awareness – Islaminism (Wisdom of Self Realization; With Meditation Comes Awareness)

Eternity – Taoism (Wisdom of Balance; Eternity and Now Are Both Reality)

Infinity – Christianity (Wisdom of Faith; Awareness of Faith To Awaken Eternal I Am)

Faith – Sataniam (Wisdom of Morality; To Show The Value of Good And Bad)

The Holy Spirit – Guide of Self-Perseverance

“And thou shalt make the lamps thereof, seven; and they shall light the lamps thereof, to give light over against it.”
Holy Spirit – The God Consciousness (Wisdom of Salvation; The Guide To All Truth)

The seven candles symbolize the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The candles exist in each of us. Once each candle is lit their flames will combine as one to empower the awakening of our inner spirit, or our sixth sense, which is our ultimate guide and teacher of all truth. The flame within us will forcefully illuminate our lifetime of sins so that we can acknowledge them and offer forgiveness. In return, for our salvation, the Holy Spirit (aka Higher Self) will grant us with gifts of the Divine Light, both great and small, to showcase our transition as new ambassadors to the world. He will also begin to transform into our lives things like unconditional love, joy, forgiveness, peace, wisdom, patience, kindness, acceptance, faithfulness, creativity, self-control, etc. From thereon, our Higher Self will lead us to the true path of our life purpose. Along the way we will encounter certain Soul Contracts we are liable to complete since we committed to them before ascending onto Earth.
Meditation – The Temple Is Within

“The Master was so focused on the moment that his entire sense range was experienced in extreme slow motion. He took notice on how his vibrations effected the vibrations of those he had ever came in contact with and how theirs affected his own.”

Meditation – The Awakening of The Holy Spirit (Wisdom of Knowing; Awareness of Infinity brings Faith in Oneness to showcase the importance of Balance for an Eternity of Holyness.)

The Master lowered his voice and began whispering in English.
: The knowing is not the thoughts :
: The knowing is not the feelings :
: The knowing is not the body :
: The knowing is not the mind :

: The knowing is found beyond the thoughts :
: The knowing is found without the feelings :
: The knowing continues when the body does not :
: The knowing transcends the mind :

: The knowing is found within :
: The knowing is sometimes forgotten :
: The knowing is never gone :
: The knowing is for you to find :

: The knowing is who you are :
: The knowing is where you have been :
: The knowing is where you are going :
: The knowing is knowing you know :

The Eternal created Reality outside of the Absolute Realm by using God Infinite nature to create an infinite number of possibilities. Awareness and Infinity together create the Manifested Realm.