Take Time To Connect With Yourself

Today is a great day to embrace the person you truly are. Connect with your heart to bring about the full defining of your soul. You can start by paying attention to that voice in your head, as it is your conscience. Yes, the voice you were once told that labeled you insane is in fact the main key that unlocks the mass storage that holds all of your intelligence, creativity, intuition, knowledge and everything else, including your individuality. Your conscience knows all there is to know about anything you need to know about everything. Your conscience is the connection to your higher-self, divine-self, or true-self. Start to acknowledge your conscious by accepting it with trust. Once you start listening to your inner voice you will slowly start to unveil all of the hidden talents you were born with.

Connect with yourself and go within to find the temple that shelters everything that defines who you on a deeper level. Connect with this temple to find oneness. The key to opening this temple deals with the thing that resides within it, your heart. A simple exercise is simply focusing your attention on your heart area while envisioning the color green with your eyes closed. Silence your mind and become aware of it. State to yourself, “I am all that is love.”

Loving yourself is the first step in raising your vibrations. When you raise your vibrations your perceptions will begin to change. Your life will begin to unfold into greatness. When your perceptions change that means you are reaching higher levels of consciousness. And, I do not know anyone who is opposed to reaching higher levels of consciousness.

Allow yourself to become a prime example of what makes the human race special, which is the ability to evolve. Evolving doesn’t deal with transforming into a new physical body. It deals with a state of reaching higher levels of consciousness. We are all capable of so many things. If the mind is merely matter, and matter is merely energy condensed, that means our minds are not limited on the levels they can reach. Therefore, we are all capable of evolving. All that is needed is your approval to allow the process to begin its course.