Give permission to your heart to allow it to fill your body with vibrations that of love. Allow this essence to radiate from your being and fear not to express what matter’s most. May you speak in rhythm to that of compassion, understanding and appreciation.

Our heart is waiting for the moment we start to acknowledge its presence. It only takes one moment to change who we are into the person whom we wish to be.

Unbind yourself from the chains that keep you from smiling. Break free from the chains that have you strapped in fear of forgiveness.

It is time to take back our freedom. It is time we start to realize that love is the answer, and always will be, to bring about change. Never allow negative vibrations to influence your actions, thoughts, or words.

Do not condemn anyone that fails to understand the importance of seeing the good in the bad. Do not speak negative to anyone, not even to the guilty.

We each are different, but, at the same time, we are all one in the same. I am human, as are you, but I am to blame for not helping someone who seems to be living a continuous struggle. You see, I am just as guilty as that person. We can not force someone to change. All we can do is try. Become aware of the suffering.

The time to awaken is now. The time to stand up is now. If you haven’t noticed our world is slowly crumbling and it will only get worse. So, it is important that we start spreading hope by acknowledging ourselves to be the most powerful thing that resides within this world and that is the human being. Yes, we are each capable of more than what we were taught.

To be continued…