Self-Healing & Protection 101

As the earth continues to evolve into the 4th and 5th dimensions our physical, mental and spiritual bodies are becoming more sensitive to the energy around us. This experience is amazing, but if a person isn’t completely prepared it can be a nightmare. As most of you have already noticed, or may be noticing, everything is simply energy. If you don’t agree then take your right hand and place it over your left arm, about 2 inches from touching each other. Take 3 deep breaths and allow yourself to feel the energy from your right hand flowing into your left arm. What you are feeling is your energy. This is around everyone and everything. This is why some people gives us bad vibes, as it is their energy that isn’t in a frequency that matches our own. 

Do you find yourself feeling different when a certain person is around you? 

– Is the feeling good or bad? Why do you think they feel this way? Quiet your mind and allow your body to fully read their energy. Try to see if you can point out the problem and listen to your intuition to help them find the solution. Their is a reason this person is around you to begin with, as everyone we meet are in our lives for a reason.

When someone tells you something about yourself, usually something on the basis of being judgemental, do you find yourself constantly thinking about it hours later?

– When this happens you must allow yourself to understand that these thoughts are not your own. They are simply imprinted thoughts from a person who doesn’t have our best interest at hand. Things like this happen all the time due to a person being jealous, sad or just plan mean for the hope that it bothers their victim. It is important that we cut the cords with people that live life in a negative way. To do this simply go in the shower and imagine the water rinsing your body of any negative energy. Imagine the water washing away black paint, or black roots, off of your body. Imagine this negative energy slowly going down the drain and back into the earth.

Do you find yourself feeling emotionally unstable due to a fight you had with someone that was left unresolved? Are you guilty of something and it is haunting you to a point where you are becoming distressed? 

– All you have to do is forgive, apologize and let it go. This can be done by allowing yourself, in a genuine manner, to state what is most important and that is, “I forgive you. I forgive myself. I am sorry. I love you. I love myself”. Nothing is worth holding onto when it comes to it affecting our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. A hose with a kink in it doesn’t allow the water to freely flow through it. It is once the kink is removed that the water can smoothly flow with force. With that, our physical bodies relate to the hose and the kink. When we leave something unresolved we gain energy blocks, which stop the free intake and releasing of energy. We must remove this energy blocks in order to feel fully alive again and at peace with ourselves and the world. 

When we are happy, we are love. When we are love, anything is possible. When anything is possible, we are success.

Love is our most secure form of protection.

The first step to self-healing is simply acknowledging, accepting and then letting go of what is causing pain to begin with. We must learn to distinguish between the energy that is our own and the energy of another. One of the most common forms of protection is imagining a white, gold or light blue ball of light surrounding you. I like to imagine a light shining within my heart and imagine it growing until it is fully surrounding me. However, this ball can be any color you wish, preferably the color that makes you feel most secure. Imagine this ball as being hollow and indestructible. One might also want to wear a color that corresponds to their chosen color. This will help strengthen the power of your protection. This process may take a while to master, but with people who possess a large imagination it might seem very easy. In any form of spirituality practice it is protection that is first taught by spiritual masters. They will spend up to 6 months teaching and testing the power of the students protection until the master feels that the student is ready to move forward.

We must learn to ground, cleanse and protect ourselves everyday.