My Spiritual Journey – The Veil Has Been Lifted

Written by: Tyler Hebert


It has been awhile since I spoke on behalf of my physical reality, which recently accepted the quest on a spiritual journey. As most of you already know I set out on my journey at the beginning of 2011. The experiences I have encountered are nothing short of amazing. When I embarked on this spiritual journey and accepted the task given at hand, I found myself being detached from the physical world. This was not purposely done to cause destruction to any of my relationships with friends, or family members. My photography was put on hold, as I found myself picking back up on my writing. You see, in order to explore spirituality one must show devotion to prove their dedication in finding the truth.

When we embark on a spiritual journey the change happens within us. Deep inside we find a new meaning for life, but on the outside things remain as they always were. This is where the struggles truly begin to unfold, because the physical world remains blinded by the veil of unknown truth. Once a person lifts that veil their perception on the world does change. Things happen without reason, logic or acknowledgement. What exist outside of our everyday perception is short of what we wish to be false. There is truly more to life that is still today undiscovered. Those that wish to travel down the path to the truth must understand that only the courageous should embark on a spiritual journey. The degree of devotion to the search for god is what really counts. A separation from reality does occur. One that embarks on their spiritual journey will find themselves being detached from fame and fortune. These things exist outside of our bodies, as the search happens within us. Therefore, our individual freedom is within us. To depend on the physical world for answers will eventually cause yourself to limit the power of your very own consciousness.

As I stated above, there is so much in this world that remains undiscovered, including the truth about the spiritual world. The path that leads to the answer remains untraveled due to the absence of humanities concerns about the truth. You see, we are raised to fear what it is that is not seen. We are raised to shun the beliefs that speak on the existence of anything other than what is normal. But what is normal? What if we were meant to communicate with the spiritual world, but the physical world keeps us from doing so in fear that we find the truth.

No matter how much we define who we are as individuals, we still remain a mystery even to ourselves. You can say you know who you are, but where did you come from? Where do we all go upon death? Who is God? Was he nothing more than an extraterrestrial that started the human race as an experiment? These questions are just a few that reside within my mind that long for answers.

There is more to life than what we can experience with our everyday five senses. The human body is capable of exploring worlds other than the physical. I have experienced things that can prove those statements to be of truth. They do occupy our plane of existence and want nothing more than to interact and communicate with us. I must state that at first it is frightening, but think of it as being that scary ride at the amusement park. Once we get on it and experience the thrill, we can’t help but want to ride it again. It takes time to adjust, but getting over the fear is worth it.

What is to come is still unknown and that is what makes it worthy of my attention and devotion. Do I have a once of fear within me? Yes, but I also fear the physical world. Therefore, the physical and spiritual world are no different when it comes to my very own safety.

I know that some of you may still find what I have written to be this fictitious story stated to gain attention. One’s perception of the truth doesn’t define my own. However, this may relate to some and I feel that releasing my experience to the public will bring comfort to those encountering something of the same degree.