Meditation Experience – The Condemned River


For the first time I was actually able to get lost in a meditation. It was so intriguing that I had to write about it and share it with all. I hope you enjoy.

Upon the closing of my eyes I found myself appearing next to this never-ending river of beautified flowing water. The flowers sat as an audience filled with these colors that resembled vibrancy and purity. They stood firm after a blossoming act of confidence, which caressed my every being. The feeling was that of pure bliss. I felt at peace. I felt this deep connection with nature. The silence that roamed this place was exhilarating, as I finally thought to myself, “I am home.”

After some time, I noticed that within the water resided multiple rocks that condemned it of a graceful flow. I felt for the water. I heard its cries, as I thought, “This is the place my soul has yearned to be reunited with. This is my sacred place. For, the water is giving me the answer that my soul has no limits. The only thing that limits me are the chains I put around my human body, just as the rocks within the water limit the grace of its flow. To create a smooth flow one must remove the rocks that cause it to reject haste.”

I slowly placed my hand into the stream and felt a sudden chill running up my arm. The water passed between the gaps of my fingers, which left me feeling refreshed and at ease. The feeling still indescribable to the human consciousness. It was truly an amazing, surreal, but relevant feeling. As the water whistled its plea for forgiveness, my tear acknowledged it’s apology with approval. Struggles allow us to remember that we do exist in a world that creates our reality and reality is what keeps us grounded. Without struggles we would have no foundation to build from.

At that moment, in understanding the importance the rocks held in their placements, one by one, they started to disappear. It felt as though a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. The air seemed lighter, as the chirping of birds broke the silence that filled the atmosphere. The flowers sprinkled the air with pollen that feed the butterflies as they fluttered in its praise. What once felt like peace seemed to have transformed itself into unconditional love. What was occurring seemed to relate to my vision for the future universal brotherhood of man. I picked my hand back up and placed it upon my lap. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes once again. I exhaled, as I took a new look at my surroundings. The river was still there, but spoke at a new tone. The flowers were still there, but more beautiful than before, as they applauded my helping hand.

I stood up and bowed to showcase my respect for their worth. I took a step back and headed back down the path that lead me to this place of serenity. The butterflies followed my trail, as their colors seemed to change in seconds of the time that triggered the path to be surrounded by fellow people who stood clapping. Each person a different color that corresponded to each individual butterfly. Their bodies were filled with glitter that sparkled with help from the light of the sun. I continued to walk down the path smiling gracefully to each. The smiles that manifested upon their faces were genuine. The energy from each were so strong and could be felt without hesitation. I felt praised. I felt worshiped. It seems my helping hand meant a lot to them. As nature was their home and the river was their very blood that resided within their veins. Their land wasn’t just their home, but it was part of who they are as individuals.

After what seemed like a million steps, I finally made my way to the end of the path. I didn’t want to leave this place, but it felt as though my deed here was done. As I reached the gate to exit, I found this huge ball of white light hovering over the ground. Without question I approached it. The light seemed to attract me, as a light attracts bugs in the night. It felt as though I were being pulled toward it. My eyes never blinked, not even once. If I were to blink it felt as though I would have disrespected this ball of light that has an amazing presence. Its energy were nothing I’ve ever encountered before. All I wanted to do was inhale it and keep it within me. However, this ball of light read my intentions and quickly molded itself into a transparent body. It was magnificent. Within the body was this huge flame that burned so bright. It was located where the heart would be in a human, but there was more.

The body, transparent as before, was surrounded by a white light that floated just an inch above its outline. As the wind blew I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a male. His hair of gold drifted in the wind and allowed me to preview his eyes so blue. He was well put together. I felt privileged to stand in his presence. Everything on his face seemed to be in perfect alignment with each other. His lips were plump and full, but perfect. I couldn’t help but be admired by his beauty that radiated purity.

As I was getting lost in his eyes, he spoke in a soft voice, so heavenly, “Blink my brother.”

His spoken words sent a shock throughout my body and committed me to blink. It felt as though I woke up from a dream that kept me captive. He took his hand and picked up my chin. My eyes were again in perfect sync with his. Within his eyes stood my reflection. It was as though I was looking into a mirror. The vision of myself was so clear. It felt as though I was realizing for the first time just who I was on a different level than my physical body. He removed his hand and placed it upon my shoulder. Once again he spoke.

His voice so keen as before, “Here in the spirit world you are praised for all good you have done and will continue to do. Your soul has more to it than you have allowed yourself to acknowledge. Fear nothing my brother, for fear is what binds you to reality. Keep living through your imagination, as it will help overcome all the corrupted intelligence being fed upon humanity. As you know that imagination is the one thing that sets the world apart. You can learn everything and anything you wish, but you can never learn imagination. You have the ability to use that to its full potential. Stop doubting yourself. Stop listening to all those people who only wish to see you tied to a brick at the bottom of the ocean. Success is not valued by one’s level in the professional world. Success is not about how much money one holds in their possession. You already know that, but yet you keep comparing yourself to another. My brother, success is defined by one’s ability to bring change by speaking on the truth with unconditional love and understanding. Success is the ability to lift up hearts back into the clouds where they can clearly see that tomorrow can be brighter than yesterday. Speak to all as though they are equal. Speak to all as though they have done nothing wrong. Remind everyone on the importance of morality, devotion and love. Creativity is your key to success. Intelligence is your foundation. Imagination is how you wish both to be seen by the human eye. You are doing everything you should. Your life may not be as far off as many, but it holds more value than most. If ever you need reassurance just touch your heart. Each beat should remind you that within you is something that compares to no amount of money. You have the ability to love. Love all you can, Tyler. The power of your love has the potential to heal more than you seem to know.

After he finished speaking I felt as though I was about to faint. He quickly vanished after winking.

A soft voice roamed the air as it muffled the words, “You are healed.”

My body suddenly became weak, as a light shot out of my chest and illuminated a door in the distance. My eyes closed once more and I woke up. I sat in my chair and just stared at the wall. My body filled with goosebumps. I felt light. I felt new, kind of like being reborn. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. Nothing compares to that very moment when I left my meditation and returned to my everyday reality. This meditation made me realize the power of meditation. I will continue to meditate. I feel as though I have too. It’s healing and reviving.