Prevail With Truth – Become Your Own Teacher

If I learned anything throughout my life, I learned it is best to be my own teacher. I learned to learn what is it that I want to learn and not to fill my mind with information I will never have use for.  I learned to believe my own thoughts over any other, because not everything read, or heard, is true. I learned that everything I need to know is within myself. I learned to listen to the inner guidance within myself. My conscious existed for a reason and it wasn’t long that I learned it would soon lead me to a place of understanding. The conscious knows what is best. Praise that sacred voice in your head that tells you no, yes, maybe, wrong, right, go, stop, don’t, etc. Wisdom is gained through one’s own experience. It is never acquired through documented knowledge.

Teach knowledge as a form of wisdom. (Do not teach, but train the children. Teach them what we want them to know at a young age. Feed their brains with numerous amounts of knowledge at one time. Never give them free time, unless is it recommended or mandatory. Test and quiz them often to keep them aware of who is smartest of their class. This will, either, break some children solid, or encourage them to do better. Either way they will be to busy focusing on their education to have time to explore different areas of activity or interest, especially art, which we often don’t make money off of. Keep them consumed with things that could possibly have them become a threat by uncovering our identity or finding prosperity on their own without dependency on us. Make them think that what you teach is true. Train them live to pursue higher education. Have them believe that what they learn is the best knowledge. That knowledge should be preached to be remarkable wisdom. Teach them that their intelligence and educational level is the only thing that will make them wealthy.)

As a child I had no choice but to learn the things my teachers fed me as they unknowingly manipulated and limited many individual thought patterns. I was taught to do this a certain way. I was taught to do that a certain way. I was taught about this person. I was taught to think this way, not that way. It never made sense to me. It kind of reminded me of religion. I was being told what and what not to do. I was never given an option to choose what I wanted to learn, because I was never given an ear to listen. I was only to listen. I was always to obey. Obeying another lowers ones freedom. They then become a slave to dependency.

Enslave them with freedom. (The citizens of America aren’t aware that they are their own slaves. They must never gain knowledge on how they signed away of their freedom the moment they lost touch with their faith and spiritual reality. Keeping this from them makes them all the more reliable on us for all the answers they seek. They are unaware about the corruption that comes with material things that can’t be bought without money, the lack of equality that causes constant segregation and discrimination, the new technology that keeps them from experiences something soulful in the wonders of nature, the entertainment business that uses symbolism, superficial realities, and hidden messages to manipulates their sub-conscious. This goes along with everything else that makes them in constant need of physical things. Their need for materialized things will keep them from finding out about the power of their spiritual reality that can manifest everything they wish simply by detaching from their daily structured physical reality.)

I couldn’t understand why I was learning things that I was not, and never will be, interested in. History is the main subject I could have done without, because as I got older I realized that some very important people were never mentioned once. Most of the ones that were talked about were those that spoke of war as being a form of peace. However, they never spoke on how war was a manifestation of one’s selfish need for greed and control.

Teach them that war is a form of peace. (The only way to showcase freedom is by allowing them to think they always have a choice. Make them think their voices matter. America is the land of the free and always make them think they are free. If we want to conquer a country for any reason we must gain their approval for war. We must cause a distraction at any cost to make them want justice. We must make them feel vulnerable. If we have to make an attack on our own country do so by causing blame upon terrorist. They will be too sacred to realize that we are hiding the truth. The only way to have our citizens agree to war is by having them feel threatened, violated or victimized. They will hopelessly turn to us for security to keep their country safe, in control and free. Always make them think they are occupying the land of the free. Always make them worship us for giving them the freedom they think they have. They must always depend on, respect and praise us even if we have and never will depend, respect or praise them.)

Half of what I was taught went in one ear and out the other. I memorized what I needed to know in order to pass a test and erased it from my memory right after. It got me the grades I needed to venture into the next level of education, but I felt bad for the students that made poor grades due to their lack of interest in certain subjects. School, to me, felt like a prison that corrupted minds by showcasing value determined by a grading scale. This is where labeling kicked in. A person was labeled smart, while others were labeled as slow learners. The smart children were shown gratitude by the teachers for their accomplishments, while the others were forced to applaud. This embraces the ego. No student should be valued more than any other. Every child is equal and special in their own way. The brightest people are those that are not book smart. This is why they train them to think a certain way.

Train and control the independent thinkers. (They don’t want people to think differently than others. They want everyone to think the same way to keep the truth hidden behind false beliefs and documentations.)

When a child doesn’t understand something, or becomes bored, they will space out. He/She will find a different way to keep themselves entertained. This is actually a great thing. A child is more involved with their inner spirit than most adults. They are often very creative. They are more open-minded. They love to paint, color, draw and just create things. They are always full of energy. They are highly insightful and possess the self-knowledge to know what is best for them as individuals. Most are always eager to express themselves. Give them something to create and you will experience pure silence. As the child becomes older art is no longer mandatory. However, they are to take certain courses that allow for a so-called proper education. This is done so the government can make money off the ones that spend numerous years in school to acquire nothing more than a piece of paper that labels one knowledgeable, but not experienced.

Show their worth through money. (They want the rich to think they are more valuable than the poor. They want the poor to think they can never amount to the wealthy. This causes segregation, anger, greed, vulnerability and envy.)

I think we should teach more ways to be creative during the younger years of a child.  They should learn how to express who they are as individual souls. Each child is different and should be catered to accordingly. Focus on the soul of the child, not on their brain, because the brain is the only thing that can be manipulated, corrupted and controlled. If a child is seen doodling, let them doodle. They might just become a famous artist one day. If they are seen writing, let them write. They might write a best seller that inspires, embraces and changes the perceptions of many. If a child doesn’t want to show his/her work when they do math problems, so be it. They might be an innovator that possess intelligence that stretches far beyond that of the actual teacher. If a child wants to fight common knowledge, let them. That person might just create an unknown solution that helps with the evolution of humanity. Let children explore the world by experiencing life without limitations or restrictions. Stop feeding them with information that keeps them from leading themselves in the direction of interest they wish. A child will only learn what he/she wants to learn.They are not as naive as we think.

Separate the child from their spirit. (They want children to lose connection with their spirit, because it knows the reality of what really is. It knows all there is to know about everything, including the plan behind our enslavement. Each spirit possess this high level of hidden talents, which can unveil all truth behind this fictional reality we create. The spirit is the one thing that can never be controlled, corrupted, chained, limited or manipulated.)

“Fear Not To Fight Common Knowledge.


Copyright By Tyler Hebert 2012