Spirit Encounter #3

“The Mysterious Hand On My Head”

It was late one night.  I was researching on my computer, like I always do, when I felt the atmosphere in my room change. I can always sense when things like this happen, whether by a physical human or something non-physical.  In the corner of my left eye I took notice of an energy take form of a human. He resembled a male with nothing on but underwear. I had music playing through my headphones and I could swear he was dancing to it. I stopped the music and he stood there dead in his tracks and looked at me with concern. I never looked directly at him. I put the music back on and then I could see his hand being moved my way. I looked his way and he went back to dancing.  He never bothered me. All he wanted to do was dance and being the person I am I had to let him continue.  He was happy and that made me pleased to have him accompany me.

After some time, I seen a large shadow upon the wall in front me. I could tell something just approached my backside, because I had experienced this before. I was alarmed, but not alarmed enough to be in fear. Keeping my composure is something I learned to help control my Fear. Plus, this was something normal to me. I brought my attention back to my computer monitor and continued browsing the net. I was looking at a webpage with a dark background when I seen a white fog coming out of it. It was just a fog in the formation of a body. It had no face, nor did it have clothes. It was so small. I am guessing it was about 6 inches in height. It came out of the screen and then it went back in. It did this several times. I figured I was looking at what radiation looks like in higher dimensions. If that is even possible, but everything in my view has this white aura around it. And in this day in age what isn’t possible? As humans, we put a label on everything and that is what I have to work on. But, this wasn’t radiation. At one point it came at me. The closer it got to me, the more it excelled in size. It went through me and then nothing.

The energy behind me declared his ownership by never moving. From the size of the shadow it appeared to be taller than any human known to man. He never once moved or placed his hand upon my shoulders, which I am used to spirits doing. I was curious to what he reason for being behind me was. My concern for his reasoning was greater than my concern for my own safety. My body became more sensitive to its energy the more I acknowledged it’s presence. It wasn’t warm, nor cold, but more like multiple pricks in my back. I acknowledged the tingling sensation and all of a sudden my whole body went through this wave of sensation. It started from my feet and made its way to my head. It felt as though my body was rising above my head. Not such much my physical body, but possibly my energy body?  I had experienced something like this before. Everything a spirit touches my shoulders this sensation runs throughout my body. So, I let go and allowed my body to fill with sensation, which brought my body to become covered in goosebumps. Upon my head I feel a pressure there. It felt like something was shooting out of it. Unsure of what was happening I automatically moved my head left, then right, then left and right again. Amazingly, whatever it was moved with my head. I looked to my left to see if the dancing spirit still resided there and he did. However, something was different. He was no longer dancing. He just stood there looking towards my back. I tried to look at his facial expression, but couldn’t quite make it out. Something was happening. Something even my intuition couldn’t figure out.  All I could think of doing was closing my eyes and bring my attention within.

After a few breathing techniques my mind slipped into a place of complete silence. My body was relaxed, my eyes were closed and my mind was calm. Preparation was complete. I was now ready to open up and expand my energy body to become a radar. I call it a radar, because I don’t know what to call it. But, it is when I shut of my feelings to examine energy around me. This helps to distinguish the emotion of the energy, or spirit, along with their intentions. For some reason I couldn’t read this energy. So, I decided to moved my consciousness above it.  Just as my consciousness was reaching its planed destination, I got interrupted. A hand was placed upon my head. A state of shock almost forced me to lose focus, but I recovered and kept my calm.  I brought my attention the hand to properly examine its size. It felt large, think, long, skinny, similar to a large hand gripping a basketball. What was happening? I closed my eyes and quickly began breathing. Consciously I started to inhale deep, exhale slow, inhale deep and so on. The hand had no intention of moving, as it only got more dense the more I relaxed.

Inside I felt like I needed to just let this happen. There was no harm being done. I was safe. Plus, what was the worse that could happen? And, when it comes to my intuition I’ve learned to never disobey it. I listened and allowed myself to experience yet another unknown spirit encounter. Inside, I felt like this was just another part of my spiritual journey to help elevate my consciousness. So, I brought my attention to the top of my head to envision my crown chakra expanding, rotating and glowing. I was just about to send it out into space when the hand pushed down on my head. It’s pressure caused the air around me stand calm. Chills ran back up my body and out through my head. My body quivered, as I couldn’t endure the chilling sensation. It was overwhelming.  Goosebumps filled my entire body, once again.

The hand continued to push down on my head, but the more it pushed down the more it felt like a hat, or crown. I could feel the outline of something circular around my head. I couldn’t understand what was happening. What was this? I stood up to see if it would stop, but it continued. To make it stop I jumped up and down. However, that didn’t work. Whatever was on my head had a purpose and was being controlled by something of a superior power. That is what I assumed. I sat back down to calmly ask my guide if this was being done for a reason. A hand was then placed on my right shoulder, which is confirmation for a yes. My left shoulder being the answer for no. Since my guide obviously knew what was happening, I decided to ride it out. The spirit behind me continued its duty and silently left after its deed was done. The feeling of whatever was on my head went away after some time.

What was placed on my head? It is still a mystery to me.

Does it still reside upon my head? That is still unknown.

Does one have any knowledge on what I encountered?

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?