“A Spirit Visits My Dream”

I had a dream recently. Keep in mind that it was a quick dream. It involved a guy in his mid-20’s with long blond hair. He was beautiful. His attire was casual and very laid-back. When I took sight of him I didn’t feel fearful. It’s like I already had knowledge of him somehow. Anyway, to make a long story short, he sat on my couch. I woke up and find my eyes looking directly into his, which were blue and very deep. I felt they held a lifetime of history. His visitation, to me, felt as though it was for a reason, but he wasn’t making it obvious. That would have been too easy. My eyes stayed locked onto his as he spoke, “What are you some kind of psychic?” Deep inside I found that to be humorous, but he wasn’t laughing. He spoke so profoundly and keen. Words to answer his question never came about. I was stuck. Muttering a single word seemed damn near impossible. Honestly, answering felt unnecessary. It was as though he could read my thoughts. He stood up and shook his curly hair, which fell perfectly into place. Two people, a white male and a black female, walked in from behind him. They were both dressed casually. The females hair was short, black and flipped out in layers. It was really cute. They asked the guy visiting me, “Are you ready?” He didn’t respond. He just shook his head and they headed down my hallway and vanished. This is when I woke up.

You are probably wondering what this dream has to do with anything, right? Well, last night I decided to contact a psychic who sketches photos of spirits. She specializes in drawing spirit guides/guardian angels. I had my doubts, because I need proof to believe anything. So, I gave in and thought what the heck. What could it hurt right? Well..

I just received my drawing and my message. Remember, I told this woman nothing of my dream, or the male I had a visit from. I took at look at the picture and my jaw dropped. The male in the picture is the male from my dream. And, to think I thought it was just a spirit that was passing through my house. You can find his portrait below.

Here is his message:

“My Dearest Tyler,

Indeed I am with you and I want you to know a few things that you may not be aware of. I have remained in Spirit for some time to work on my own advancement and to help you more effectively. We have shared past lifetimes together. One in particular was a very troubled one in which I did you a great injustice. The drawing you see here is of me in that lifetime and you may see in my face that I was a troubled soul. It is my intention to make up to you the wrongs that I had done a long time ago to you and to help you heal and find balance in subsequent lifetimes. We in spirit have seen that you have recovered beautifully and this lifetime has brought you to a big stepping stone into the future. We see that you do a great deal to heal this planet and the people on it. It is my wish that anything you wish for is manifested quickly and continued blessings flow constantly into your life.

With Greatest Love and Light, Michael”

You can either believe, or choose not to believe. There has to be a reason I have seen this man in my dreams and then weeks later see him in a drawing that was sketched by an artist I have no knowledge of.

Can he be one of my spirits guides? Can he be a possible friend of mine in the spirit world?Hm.. My spiritual journey continues…