Yet, again, I experience another strange spirit encounter.

Today while meditating on my Crown Chakra I felt, once again, another spirit place their hand on top of my head. However, another strange thing happened. It seemed as though a spirit was putting something around my neck. It felt like a necklace of some sort. I could tell it was a necklace, because I could feel the strings being pulled. It was as though someone was trying to clamp it together on the back of my neck. I could feel the brushing of the strings rubbing against my skin. It felt real.  Just above my Heart Chakra was something hanging from the chain. It was a heavy object. Knowing I could sense energy vibrations with my hands, I took my hand and placed it above that area. I placed my hand 3 inches above my skin to scan the area and the vibration was very strong. It triggered a strong vibration into my palm. Whoever was putting it around my neck would lower it and raise it to stop me from sensing its vibration. At this moment, I still feel it around my neck. What could this possibly be about? Was it a necklace? If so, why can’t I see it?

Did you, or someone you know, experience anything like this before?  Do you care to share your experience? Maybe give me some advice?

I have the strangest encounters. If only all of this came with a user manual, haha.