Close your eyes and envision the world, what do you see? Now look outside of your window, what do you see? Did you know that both of what you have seen play each their own part in what makes up the reality of now. It is true, for the consciousness is a powerful thing that is capable of more than one has knowledge of.

In your head what you see the world to be is enough to manifest it into reality, or for that part exist in your reality. This is why people say, “You are what you attract”. This happens when our bodies send out vibrations with thoughts, actions and spoken words. With every second of every day we send out vibrations into the universe that flow through the atmosphere and connects with vibrations of others. Therefore, our vibrations cause the universe to react and respond with a vibration of its own to ensure the sender receives what was expressed. Therefore, when negative energy is sent out into the universe, its vibration will impact the world, along with the reality of what is.

Think of the connection between physical humans and the universe to be this communication built around telepathy. Vibrations are even sent with the single formation of a thought. This also includes the manifesting of a random image, color and emotion. You see we are still sending out vibrations into the universe even when we aren’t aware of it. This will correspond to why some fail to realize that their reality is their own choice of what is. Am I making sense? If not, think about the Law of Attraction and how our intentions are sent into the universe in hopes to receive what it is we asked for. With that, one must be aware that the key factor here is that the true meaning behind our intentions determine the outcome, along with our thoughts and the value of our spoken words.
May we keep every vibration we send out to be of the best interest for the world, as one, with positive energy.