It is hard to define the true meaning of a Spiritual Journey, as no two are ever the same. This is because no one will ever encounter the same experience as someone else.However, every journey is the same process for everyone.

It’s a process of Self-Discovery and Self-Development through Self-Realization.

What Exactly Is A Spiritual Journey?
– A spiritual journey is basically a reconnection of spirit. It is a shift of consciousness from physical and mental living into a more diverse spiritual living. One will begin to see changes in the manifestation of their reality. Perceptions will change. Living styles will change. One might lose some friends, as well as gain friends in the process. These things happen to better surround one with things that match the vibration of their energy frequency. Things that no longer benefit one’s soul purpose will be erased from the path to better make room for things that will help reach the purpose of one’s existence. These things are mandatory, as the spirit will create a reality that best suits the life one is supposed to live. Every journey is different, as no soul has the same energy signature. Though, must I add, that only the courageous should embark on a spiritual journey.

Is A Spiritual Journey Based Off Religion?
– The answer is clearly, No. Those that are religious will very seldom embark on a spiritual journey, because their lives are lived through documented scriptures. When a person truly follows a certain religion, word by word, they leave no room for a journey to begin, as they already have the answers they need. A journey for them is no needed. A ‘real’ spiritual journey is for those that are looking for answers on the truth behind what is and what isn’t.

How Long Does A Spiritual Journey Last?
– It really depends on the level of one’s enlightenment and their ability to stay dedicated. It could take one person a few months, while it takes another person years, before an understanding behind the purpose for the journey brings about a reason.

What Does One Gain From A Spiritual Journey?
– A spiritual journey is all about finding the answers one may seek. In return, one is granted a higher level of consciousness along with fulfillment, understanding, enlightenment, hidden knowledge, new-found wisdom and so much more.

Is There Anything To Fear During A Spiritual Journey?
– The answer is, No. However, it truly depends on one’s level of fear. To understand that nothing is to fear is to understand that evil doesn’t really exist. It is something that is created for the purpose to bring about fear, for fear exist merely to keep one from exploring the unknown. The unknown is not to fear. It is ourselves that we are to fear. Through a spiritual journey one will face the hardest thing, themselves, as it’s an exploration of the mind, including the conscious, unconscious and sub-conscious. This process occurs in order to bring about a new way of thinking for one to reach the nirvana stage of silence. It is within silence that we truly understand the importance of silence.

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