“The power of intentions manifest through emotions from the vibration of our energy.”

The Universe has granted us with a time of a strong vibrational shift that is waking us up to co-creation. What we are experiencing is nothing new to our soul. However, it is fresh to our physical reality. Our minds find it hard to understand what is happening, because everything to a human has to have a logical excuse. This is the reason behind the lack of scientific reasoning and evolutionary progress. Yes, the time to live is now, as the evolution of our species is arising. The evolution of our species comes forth from the basis of knowing more than what is perceived through the common physical senses. Learn to separate yourself from your physical reality to get a better understanding of the reality that holds a much greater asset to the meaning beyond all measures.

We are now aware that we possess abilities that help us interpret the unknown to be nothing more than what we are made up of below our physical bodies. This is becoming more known through the ability to sense the frequency of vibrational energy. It is everywhere. Everything has a vibration, including our consciousness, which is located outside of our bodies. This is the reason behind the ability to move our consciousness to examine areas that catch our attention. For example, if you are in your room and you hear a knock at the door. Your attention will go directly to the door. This occurrence is a shift of your consciousness.

Consciousness Awareness Exercise:

Try to bring your conscious to an area around you. Observe how you feel when examining this area. Did you feel any kind of sensation? Then, try to move your conscious awareness to an area of your body for examination. Scan your whole body to see if you can feel any area that has a blockage of energy. You will feel a sensation of coldness, heat or even a tingle. What you experience relates to who you are as a person. This is why you are to distinguish the reason behind the encounter of that emotion.The key here is getting you to know yourself better. These exercises will help you raise your level of consciousness and can be completed as often as you would like.
Understanding that we are made up of vibrational energy helps one to move forward in elevation of spiritual awareness and development.  Acknowledgment is the key to spiritual evolution. Acknowledging one thing will cause an effect of another.

We are extensions of non-physical beings that are in touch with more than just the physical reality. How we perceive these vibrations is determined by the way we wish to experience these vibrations. Some may see the vibrations, while some feel, hear, sense or have the knowing. Once we release the fear behind what limits our perceptions, we can understand that what we are experiencing is the key to understanding the reality of who we truly are.

We are the people that are to determine new ideas through the ability to perceive the vibrations around us. When any perceive makes an intention the non-physical will conclude that intention. What we wish for will manifest. If we wish for something to stay away, it will stay away. If we wish to bring something to us, it will come. The power of our intentions manifest through the emotions from the vibrations of our energy. So, watch your emotions, because our intentions manifest the reality we exist within. Our emotions determine the level of our vibrations and the level of our vibrations determine what vibrational energies we attract. Our vibrations deal with the Law of Attraction, which is the manifestation of what it is that we vibrate through intention. Practice manifesting with intentions to determine your level of vibration. The higher the vibration, the quicker things will manifest.

Manifestation Exercise:

  • Close your eyes
  • Quiet your mind
  • Think of something you want. Focus on it.
  • Now, fill yourself with the emotion of how this “want/intention” makes you feel
  • Breathe deep and allow the exhale to blow your “want/intention”  into the sky, or into space (wherever you wish)
  • Open your eyes

and that is all it takes. See how long it takes for your intention to manifest into your reality.

Is your conscious awareness strictly planted in the physical reality of the material world? If so, try the exercise below.

Feeling Vibrational Energy Exercise:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take 2 deep breaths
  • Quiet your mind
  • Put your focus on the center of your chest
  • Examine the air around you.
  • Examine the air along your skin.
  • Don’t think. Just feel.

Were you able to experience the vibrational frequencies beyond the material world? If so, share your experience below. If not, don’t give up. Continue trying and keep in mind that you have to learn how to let go. You have to learn to feel. Never feel that it is inappropriate to explore the variety this world has to offer. The only thing that limits you is your perception on the power behind the capability of your own being. It is you who creates your own reality. Therefore, it is you who controls what you experience in the now of all realities. Are you up for an exploration of the vortex?


Stay Positive. Stay Strong. Stay Grounded.

Till Next Time,

Tyler Hebert