In this day in age life is not as it used to be. Our generation seems to be filled with people more sensitive than ever before. People are more in touch with their spirit, which has no sexual identity, as spirit is both masculine and feminine. Spirit is energy. But it seems that people who are more in touch with spirit are labeled homosexuals or bisexual. Why is this? and why are these people constantly criticized for that advantage. How can people discriminate against beings that have the most open-minded mentalities, optimistic personalities, fashion forward tendencies and intelligence that defines their ability of enhanced artistic talents. Open your eyes America. Get over your envy of a species that is nothing more than most but merely more in touch with their spirit. Put away the judgement and start to learn from example. You might just come to understand more about yourselves, along with the true power of spirit. This goes with racism. Color is not of importance when it comes to the level of one’s spirit. Spirit is everything. Spirit is happiness. Spirit is healing. Spirit is unique. But the most amazing thing is that your spirit is my spirit as they are one in the same with the one source of all power, the divine. What’s sad is that most people have to die in order to understand, “Hey, I was wrong. We are all one”.

For one to be in touch with their masculine and feminine energy is known to the Indians as being an evolved species. When a gay person was born in their tribe, they would become the leader. In America, it is degraded, because society and religion taught them so. That just goes to show their incompetence for the level of their intelligence to understand the importance to stop using logic for the ability to label something wrong and something right.  It is when we stop labeling that we can truly learn to feel that everything that is just is.

Just a thought..