I have the ability to feel energy vibrations of spirits. This is newly developed and I am still trying to fully understand it. Below is a list of things I feel, along with things I have seen and hear.


I can FEEL:

– When spirits sit next to me, climb on the furniture, lay next to me in bed.

– When I walk through energy that is not my own. (Usually warm or cold spots)

– When a spirit hugs me.(My body then fills with goosebumps)

– I once felt, what felt like spit, hit my face. (I wiped my face but nothing was there)

– Energy around certain parts of my body, especially around my legs when at my desk. (Feels like a spirit holding me\My intuition tells me that is it hiding from something, like it is scared. When my dog walks into the room the vibrations raise and the tingles become overwhelming.)

– When a spirit places their hands on my shoulders, rub my stomach, touch the top of my head, etc. (Always a gentle feeling.)

– When a spirit pulls at my shirt and plays with my necklace.

– When a spirit enters my room that I am not familiar with.

– My bed rise in certain spots.

– Pricking on the side of my neck. (It feels like needles going into my skin.)

– When I sage myself I can feel something on my shoulders run down my back. Its not a spirit. It feels more like an animal of some sort.

– My hands fill with energy and then become heavy.

– My feet tingle as energy pours out of them.

– A vibration on my right ear, without sound.

– Something being played with around my neck. (It feels like a necklace, but not the one I am wearing)

I can SEE:

– Black shadows on the wall in my peripheral vision. (They move very slow. If I try to look directly at the shadow it disappears.)

– White foggy beings come out of the wall. (These are seen directly. Some have faces and some don’t. Most of them look at me and then race towards me.)

– Strings of light in my peripheral vision. (One time a string of light came out of the wall and then made its way to my chest. I then felt pressure on my chest)

– When I look at an object and then look somewhere else, the aura of the object is imprinted in my vision.

– Black shadows behind certain people.

– When I stare at myself in the mirror, my reflection turns into myself at a younger age.

– My Aura in the mirror, along with white spots on my body

I can HEAR:

– Something within my head being worked on, as though it is a broken clock. (Very weird)

– This vibration with my right ear. (It sounds similar to binarual beats)



These are what I have experienced thus far. I feel more often then I see and hear. The spirits are with me daily, because I can feel them.

Do any of you have any similar experiences?

Anything you would like to suggest?