As of now most of you are now aware of the shift. It is being felt more and more as Earth continues to shift into higher dimensions. Majority of you are becoming aware of those whom are rising in consciousness apart from those that are ignoring the shift. It is now obvious to see who are living within their heart, the temple, and those that are living behind their brain, the veil.

Worry none, as it is yourself that need be cared for. Those around you will either experience the shift of consciousness, or they will choose not to flow with the vibrations of awakening. That is a personal choice, one only they can control. All you must do is continue working on your vibrations to get them as high as possible. Do this by listening to the voice of your heart. Embrace more of what is needed and less of what it is you want.

For those that have become apart of the vibration, welcome. You are now awakening to the real you. You are arising to a new level of consciousness. Enjoy this experience, as that alone will influence the vibrations of others to rise. You will know you have awakened, because your perceptions will change, along with your reality.

At this time people are experiencing enormous amounts of negativity around them. We are seeing vast amounts of killings and deaths. Family members and friends may seem to have a low tolerance to the new energy going around and it will impact their personalities. This was expected. This is part of the shift. Where there is light, there will exist dark.

The crazy are getting crazier. The pessimistic are becoming more negative. Drama is finding its way into your life, even those that are not your own. Ignore these vibrations. Know that these vibrations are not of your concern. Do not allow these negative vibrations to influence those of your own. These are just distractions to keep us anchored in the 3rd dimensional reality.

Try at all cost to stay positive. Continue speaking from the heart.

Keep your body grounded on earth, but keep your consciousness high above the clouds. We are the light. We will overcome this.