Are YOU psychic?

Are YOU intuitive?

Are You hypersensitive?


If you answered “Yes” to at least one question you are off to a good start.

If you answered “No” to all three you are about to have a change of beliefs.

Everyone is born with an innate psychic/spiritual gift.

The main gift one inhibits corresponds to who they are on a physical level.

I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Are you still not persuaded?

Well, let’s test that theory, shall we?

Answer the following question with pure honesty.

When conversing with someone, which is your strongest physical sense?

A. Seeing – You observe the persons body language

B. Feeling – You relate to the emotions behind their voice

C. Hearing – You listen to every detail and can repeat it back if needed

D. Knowing – You seem to know what will be said before it is stated

Now, choose the one that truly relates to who you are.

You may be able to relate to more than one, but try to find the one that is your strongest.

Now, look for your answer below and find the psychic ability it corresponds with.

If you picked A:

Your main ability is Clairvoyance – The ability to SEE beyond the physical realm

Development Technique: I want you to close your eyes and pick a person to think of. Once you have your person I want you to envision this person with your mind. Try your hardest to have this image resemble the person down to a T. Once you have perfected this image you can then start to observe their facial expression. Determine their emotion. Look into their eyes. What do you see? How do you feel? This can also be done for development of telepathic communication. Affirmation: “I do not fear the ability to channel psychic visions from those of the higher dimensional realities.”

If you picked B:

Your main ability is Clairsentience – The ability to FEEL things beyond the physical realm

Development Technique: I want you to sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, hands on your lap (palms up) and eyes closed. Take in 3 deep breaths. Inhale through the nose, hold it for a brief moment and then exhale through the mouth very slowly. After the third exhale you should feel relaxed. Your mind should be silent. Continue breathing slowly and consciously. Bring your attention to focus on your entire body. Try to sense the energy floating on  top of your skin. You can envision this energy to be any color you wish. Now, with your eyes closed, take your right hand and hold it over your belly bottom. Be sure not to have your hand touch your skin. Take another deep breathe and as you exhale slowly start to allow your hand to rise until you reach the bottom of your chin. Keep breathing and make sure you move your hand very slow. If done properly you should have been able to sense and feel your own energy. Affirmation: “I do not fear the ability to sense and feel energy vibrations of those beyond the physical realm.”  Interact With Your Spirit Guide: “I ask that my spirit-guide please come forward and stand behind me. If you are there give me a sign by triggering an overwhelming feeling of sensations.”

If you picked C:

Your main ability is Clairaudience – The ability to HEAR things beyond the physical realm

If you picked D:

Your main ability is Claircognizance: The ability to intuitively KNOW things without any conscious knowledge

Development Technique: Take a couple deep breaths. Allow yourself to become centered. Once you are relaxed and the mind is quiet bring your focus to the top of your head. Envision a clear tube coming out from the center of your head and watch it rise into the air and then race off into the skies above. For now leave it floating in space, or connect it to the moon, sun, or any planet you wish. Now trace the tube back down to the top of the head. Take another deep breath and make sure you clear you mind of any thoughts. Now, start to ask yourself questions within your mind. Try to ask a question of that can offer guidance. It might be easier to ask yes, or no, questions. After you ask the question sit quietly and wait for the answer. It might come right after. It might not. Just let your intuition take over. If you start having critical thoughts, shun them and bring your attention back into the darkness of your mind. If you fail to receive an answer, no worries. All you have to do is make your connection stronger with intention. Affirmation: “I do not fear the ability to channel intuitive information from those beyond the physical realm.”

A fully developed Psychic Medium usually inhibits each of the clair abilities.