“Beings of Eternal Light”

It is now time to raise our vibrations to allow for another shift into a new level of higher consciousness. 

Discovery of multidimensional exploration is available to those who are ready to further the development of their soul.

The Formula For Ascension:

Physical Body (aligns with) Emotional Body = Awakening

Physical/Emotional Body (reconnects with) Spiritual body = Awareness

Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Body (harmonizes with) Mental Body = Ascension

As Earth continues to transition into higher dimensions, so will her inhabitants. The process thus far, for most, has not been the smoothest ride. There has never existed a time when the human body ever experienced such a transition compared to the one majority of us have went through. All we can do is staying grounded, but still tuned to spirit.  Remain centered within the heart to stay optimistic, joyful and passionate. This can be one of two things for the lightworker. Either, they will continue to ride the shift in a smooth intuitively manner. Then, there are the others that may still be unaware of that their soul awakening was triggered through a call filtered unconsciously. The ride for those will just take a little longer than the other conscious lightworkers and that is fine. There is no race win, or judgement in comparison to one’s soul awareness. The prize to be obtained is granted by, equally, to each soul, whom masters the technique of keeping their feet on the ground, but their kite flying high. Remember, we are the archetypes of our own realities.

Throughout this lifetime I have encountered many struggles, as I am sure many of you have as well. Those challenges had nothing to do with my physical, nor my mental body. The main areas that people seemed to target were always my emotional and spiritual bodies. It started as a child and has continued throughout my life thus far. However, I always knew how to pick myself up again. One way of healing for me was making others laugh. There is just nothing that compares to the feeling, or seeing, a person genuinely love without fear or concern. It’s not about changing a person’s life to me, its more about having that person experience the joy of universal consciousness in the reality of duality. My life purpose is far from being complete, as I have much more soul-searching to do.

Do not forget who you are and why you chose to incarnate onto this planetary plane of existence. If you ever shall find yourself lost, scared, or alone, just remember go within yourself to find your light which is illuminate your being as a whole, including everything of existence around you.

Oh, and just one more thing. If you ever feel the need to find guidance through paying someone for training, or development, please rethink you decision, as it is your ego thinking, not your soul. Everything you need is within. All you have to do is go in and retrieve it. Though it may seem impossible, it really is simple. As a lightworker, we live a world of duality. We were born each with a special gift. You see, Lightworkers exist on the physical plane within a lower dense physical body, but their spirit is tethered to the higher dimensional planes. The voice of all wisdom and truth is within you, as you are a lightworker, an angel, of the highest power of divine light. All that is, and ever has been, is there inside of you just waiting for that moment of realization. You will understand more once you decide to take your exploration of the soul internally, as it is only there where development can unfold through the triggering of the consciousness of the all. Find silence. Enjoy the silence. Trust the silence. Be the silence.

Learn to live again, without fear, self-restrictions, judgement, envy, worry and everything else a lightworker is here to overcome. A lightworker must know their own strength in order to embrace strength to others.

As individual souls, Lightworkers are each responsible for the igniting of their own light. Mend the wick that seeks healing, so it can be lit and begin illuminating all that you are, as man and spirit. When our lightbodies are activated our vibrations will begin to rise with persistence and haste. Your spiritual abilities will begin to unfold before your eyes as you are arising out of the lower density of reality to reconnect with your elevated level of consciousness.

can truth be told through darkness. of our light that all can be illuminated from the dark. illumination of the darkness to begin.

I must remind every lightworker out there, “We each incarnated with a purpose of soul development in a few ways. We volunteered to assist mother Earth’s transition into 5D planet. We came to mend ourselves of old karmic debt to further advance our individual souls level of enlightenment. However, beware that you are not responsible for the life another creates, to involve yourself in their life will only add more strain on the already harsh life you’ve chosen. Learn to detach,  cut the cords and just let go. Plus, once you relocate life will begin to work in your favor, as you will begin to defy resistance, enhance creative abilities and speak on personal interests openly. Just remember to take time to care for yourself. Learn to tell people no. You are the only person who can put a value on your worth.

It is once you fully heal yourself that others will automatically follow. The energy we possess is of purity and love, aving the way into enlightenment is our life purpose.”