My dream involved this man. He resembled an older Indian. He stood next to me and stated, “let me show you how to use your gift”. He placed his hand on my throat and then placed it on his own. From what it looked like, it seemed like blue light came from my throat went into his hand and then into his throat. He then started channeling spirits. The messages from spirit kept coming, over and over again. Its like the spirits were all backed up and the Indian man helped by clearing them out. They each seemed to project through his physical body. Their voices were each different and so were their physical appearance. Each spirit had each their own message for me. Some were soft-spoken, while others were a bit more intimidating. It seemed they each had been waiting for this moment. This went on for some time until eventually he took the gift out of his throat and then placed it back into my own. If there were a message from this dream, I think it is  referring to some kind of physical medium? I could be wrong. Right after he placed his hand on my throat, I woke up. I looked at the clock and it said, 4:40, which is weird, because I see 44, 33 and 55, often.
What could this dream mean?

Could this Indian man be one of my spirit guides?

Was him touching my throat a sign to work on my throat chakra?