Even today, I still find it hard to understand exactly what is going on within this reality I exist in. A year ago nothing was as it is now. The touching of beings within another dimension never grabbed my attention. They were never to be noticed as to my conscious mind they were not of existence. However, today, yesterday and tomorrow, they will be there. They will be there waiting for me to take notice of their presence. But, why? Why am I one of the ones that can sense the vibrations of their energy upon  my very body. Is it merely a manifestation of intention created with the power of the mind, or it this actually real? How will I ever know the truth? is there even truth?

Why aren’t people around me able to witness this strange encounter of unknown outcomes? Why is my body the only one able to be graced by something unseen to the human eyes?  Is there a reason behind these sensations that I am not close to being fully aware of? What will come of this? Or, will the sensations of their touching remain the way they are never to be showcased as having a reason?

Yes, to some, I can be seen as a person making things up. I can be known as insane, but if you were in my place you would speak the words I speak on a daily basis. You would want comfort in knowing that all is going to be okay. All will be okay. I am fine. I must tell myself those things, because without hope I would be trapped in this man-made phobia known as fear.

I have no choice but to continue along this path paved by my soul prior to my soul manifesting back into a physical body. I shall not fear, for I am strong. I will keep my composure, for I am powerful. At least that is what I tell myself everyday..

My journey continues..