This is a channeled message from my Primary Spirit-Guide, Huron( hu-ran)

Description: Beautiful light-being radiating white light. He looks like a painting of a Greek God.

Sounds: Beautiful Music

Location:  Beautiful Star

“I am so pleased to be here and to be formally introduced. My name is Huron. I come from a different planet than the one you reside upon. We are connected you and I. This is because we originate from the same place. It is a Star not even seen in your solar system. It is a place of healers. When it was being spoken that many of the gems and crystals come from other planets and stars, some came from this place. This is why you live on Earth. One of the reasons that you feel an attraction to certain stones. The place we come from has many healers and has beauty everywhere. There is harmony and that is what you wish for your life on the earth. You chose a tough life. You had no idea how hard it was going to be or you may have chosen something different. But, you are bringing the peace of beauty. A piece of where you come from to that place called Earth. It needs it. There is such disharmony on your planet. There is such conflict of information. It’s hard for me to understand since we come from a place of truth and beauty. So, I am here with you and I am saying as much as I am teaching I am learning from you. And, You are a light being, of course. You are probably wondering how we know each other? Well, I am sure you are aware of the knowing that resides deep within your being. You have always had this knowing. We would be brothers on Earth.  So, there is that connection. We have known each other before. We have spent many lifetimes together.”