The Age of Empathy

Highly Sensitive People & Empaths

I remember when highly sensitive people were degraded and mistreated, because of their heighten ability of extra sensory perception. It was uncommon, surreal and often misunderstood. There will come a time in every sensitive persons life where they will be asked, “Why are you so sensitive?” And, I bet you were never able to find the answer to that question. The reason behind that is because most sensitives are unaware of their innate abilities, such as empathy, ESP, clairsentience and  clairempathy. Being sensitive is a blessing, but when the sensitive is undeveloped it can be a curse.

The key for any sensitive person is to reconnect their mind with their body. There probably came a time for most sensitives, and empaths, where you shut off feeling any emotions, because it was too hard to bear. This is why you must learn to feel again. To feel is to be alive. Learn to distinguish your emotions from others. When you get angry, question why you are angry. When you get excited, question why you are excited. Get to know your body. Spend at least 15 min a day alone in silence. Acknowledge what has caused you pain in the past. This will enable yourself to clear out all the things that no longer serve you well.

Be aware that you may experience random crying, mood swings, bouts of depression, times of loneliness and regret or remorse are all normal when it comes to clearing out the trash from the past. This dark time could best be known as The Dark Night of The Soul. The name sounds haunting, but I assure you there is nothing to fear. To be honest, if you ask myself, or any other sensitive/empath, we would all state that it is worth it. Healing will cause your vibrations to raise. The raising of your vibrations will trigger an increase of sensitivity, which means hidden abilities will begin to surface. Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood. But, we are at a time where Highly Sensitive people and Empaths are finally realizing their true potential.

Welcome, all, to The Age of Empathy. One by one we are awakening to a new level of sensitivity. The vibrational energy from the shift is showing proof of the human experience to be of something more than just a physical existence. We are aware of our consciousness and it’s connection to multidimensional realities.

To awaken is to be aware. To ascend is to discover.

I want to wish the best of luck to all the highly sensitive people and the empaths during their time of transitioning. It is one of a bumpy start, I know.

Remember these two thing. One, it is always darkest before the dawn. Two, there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.