God will never condemn anyone based on something they choose or choose not to do. To think that God would ever punish someone convicted of being guilty, or being a sinner, is quite odd in itself. The only people who punish, label, judge, condemn, deceive, manipulate and torment are nothing more than your fellow mankind. The soul has an energy signature, not an individual personality. Therefore the soul has no ego. The only thing that possesses an ego is the physical body of a human being. To start off, religion teaches to seek God as an external source. This led me to believe that Religion is somewhat keeping us dependent on an external source to keep us from reaching enlightenment. I know this because in order for one to reach enlightenment he/she must detach themselves from any and all material possessions, including any external dependency.

We are to find the answers in which we seek within us. Our physical body is the temples for each of our individual souls. Since within each of us resides a soul, then that means we are each composed of energy. If we are energy then that means we are connected to everything within Earths physical plane, as well as everything within the universe. including God, whom is the highest source of divine energy. To know God is to know thyself. To respect God is to respect everyone. To seek God is to seek the identity of your individual soul. This is done through self-discovery merely by living life the way you choose, because no matter how you life your life it is something to help in the development of your soul.

It has been over a year now since I embarked on my spiritual journey. Within my journeying I have accumulated some of the most useful knowledge, which was only possible with the removing of the veil of illusion. The veil of illusion is what keeps our consciousness from raising to a level where it is able to explore multidimensional realities. Exploring these various planes of existence are key if one wishes to reach enlightenment. I have experienced some of the darkest pits of fear only to find out that the fear was nothing more than a projection of my own creation. The physical reality we live within is a projection from the perceptions from our consciousness.

The most powerful thing a person can do is believe, as believing is what gives holy water its power, is it not? It’s all about intentions. If everyone knew how powerful their consciousness truly is there would be no need for hospitals, medicine, electronics, cell phones, money, automobiles, food, etc. But we all know that human beings are the most stubborn of all beings of existence. The process of Earths shift will be one of a long run. Our free will as humans is what makes it impossible for everyone to awaken and ascend all at once. hmm.. I could go on.