Now is the time to be real, as time is all we have. It runs on a 24 hour period and declares what is the past, the present and what it the future. We have no control over its ability. It is what it is and we accept it. What we often misinterpret is the meaning behind the present, as it is called just what it is. The present is an actual “Present”, which is granted to each of us, from the universe. It is within that moment of time that we have the ability to unwrap just what it is we wish to “present” itself. What you say and do in that exact moment will determine the reaction you receive from another. Time is not something we should fear, but worship, for it exist as a reminder. A reminder to reassure each of us that our heart beat still matches that of each second of every minute. We can either live outside of that which beats in reference to existence, or we can go inside and have it in harmony with each second.  How you choose to live is your choice. It is called free-will. Just remember one thing. Remember that you are human. We are each human and each of us are capable of redefining the true meaning behind our human existence. As a whole we are the youth of a newly evolved generation. The time to exist is now.  Welcome to existence.