The human mind, what a wonderful tool to explore. To say the mind doesn’t control every aspect of our lives would insist that life isn’t controlled by our own thoughts. If we declare something to be of truth, then our perception on that truth will clarify its place when it comes to knowledge.
If we declare something to be false, then we limit ourselves from finding out if there resides some ounce of truth in whatever it is that we perceive to be false.

You see, the mind works in multiple dimensions, as does our physical body. Within each dimension resides a piece of ourselves we’ve either, had yet to develop, or is already developed. However, in order to tap into these dimensions we must perceive them to coexist with the reality of the 3rd dimension. All it takes is a simple thought to change the way we, as individuals, evolve. We need to open our minds and allow it to explore areas of the universe most have yet to encounter or experience. All that is stopping each of us is the veil of disbelief, as it acts as a locked door that keeps us safe and secure from the outside world. If we open the door to those waiting to interact with us, all will come clear. So, today, allow yourself to accept that there is more out there.
Allow yourself to acknowledge the dimensions that coexist with our reality of the 3rd dimensional plane of existence. Do not fear the higher, nor the lower, dimensional planes of reality. But, I insist that each of us keep our eyes and ears open when it comes to human beings. Majority of the common knowledge we are being fed is nothing more than experimental declarations that have yet to be proven right or wrong. The only things we can truly believe to be worth the label of knowledge are those that we acquire with the aid of exploration and discovery. So, I ask, please shun those thoughts about the sinful acts on exploring who we are through the aid of spirituality.