I was recently asked, “Is it possible to permanently lose touch with a psychic gift?”

My answer is as followed,

No one can ever permanently lose their gift. They can, however, lose touch with it after ignoring it for a long period of time.

Think of it this way:
You get a new toy and play with it every hour of every day. You love this toy and your connection with it is unlike anything else. Until, one day you come across a person that soon becomes a lover. You start hanging with this person more and more. You decide to throw the toy into the closet, because you have something else that keeps you occupied and entertained. After some time the long-lost toy will begin to accumulate dust. It will become buried under a pile of other things thrown into the closet. One day you decide to give a pile of stuff away, including the toy. So, you go into the closet to grab it, but you can’t seem to find it. It is too buried. However, it is there, but you must remove all of the junk up top of it to successfully recover it.

The same thing goes with our psychic gifts. We are born with them, but as we get older we lose touch with them due to our over-indulgence of the material world and material possessions. This is mainly why most psychics, upon their spiritual awakening, experience the dark night of the soul. Their journey is about experiencing a time of self-reflection and realization to enlighten one with changed perceptions. Spiritual development triggers emotional, physical and spiritual healing. This healing is one that must be completed before one is able to raise their vibrations to a high enough level that tunes them to their higher source, which in return are able to access their abilities.

If we don’t properly heal ourselves, the energy blockages within our meridian bodies will cause an interference in stabilizing our connection to source. Healing strengthens this channel by clearing away past hidden emotions, karmic debts, negativity, tears and holes within the energy bodies. These things effect our physical, mental and spiritual growth.

“The best way to heal is by acknowledging we are worth healing.”