I’ve seen my share of black shadow figures, white foggy figures, streams of white light, grey mist and etc. To my knowledge, everything we encounter is projected as a simple manifestation based on how we perceive it to be. Instead of allowing spirit to control you, you must learn to control spirit.

Now is a great time for you to learn what you are capable of. I would first recommend you to research how to set up boundaries. If you are unable to have trust in your own will power, not only will spirits test your strength, but so will humans. Believe me when I state that these things that you are seeing have a message for you. In order to open yourself up, you mustn’t continuing categorizing things according to the color of their energy. When you think about it a color is nothing more than a fraction of all colors that make up the whole of one color.

Therefore, our individual soul signature can be depicted in the same way. Our physical bodies may appear to have different forms, colors and shapes, but what matters most is what resides within the core of each physical being. The next time you encounter something you are unsure of remind yourself that each encounter is a test. Each encounter is a test of your readiness to progress further along this journey you signed up for prior to being incarnated back unto Earth.

Quite your mind, examine your core, get to know who you are and allow yourself to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of your soul. If you are not properly knowledgable physically, mentally and spiritually, you will only be limiting yourself from receiving some important guidance and messages that your guides, angels and multidimensional friends may have for you at this time.

So, remember, see not a color, but a substance created from the source of universal life.