Take this time to enjoy this simple 5 minute healing meditation:

“Green Lotus Flower”

Healing Meditation

I want you to sit straight up, close your eyes, place both hands faced up on your knees and bring your attention to your heart chakra (right in the center of your pecks). Take a few deep breaths, but instead of breathing into your stomach, breath into your chest. Feel it inflate. Now, imagine a round disc spinning clockwise. Focus on its rotation. Try your best to control the rotation. It doesn’t have to spin fast. Just have it spin in a way that is best for you.

Now, envision the disc starting to glow this vibrate green color. pay attention to the vibrancy of the glow. Have it stretch from your chest into the space just above the layer of your skin. Your heart chakra should now be projecting this vibrant green light. if you wish, take your hand and hold it about 2 inches away from the center of your pecks. Keep your focus and see if you can feel the energy spilling from your heart chakra. if you don’t feel anything, don’t worry.

Lastly, if you havent already, place both of your hands back in the position you had them in the beginning. Now, I want you to imagine a green lotus coming from your chest and blossoming into thin air. i want you to envision this flower anyway you choose. This is your flower. This creation is a manifestation of your soul. Once you are done, thank the flower for its time and have it go back inside. Tell yourself you radiate love for yourself and everyone around you. Take a deep breath and open your eyes while exhaling.

Remember, The body is the anchor for our souls existence. Therefore, we must respect the body and acknowledge our gratitude for it. Tell yourself you love your skin, your blood cells, your heart, your arms, your legs, eyes, etc. The reason I want you to bring your attention to your heart, is because it is the heart that is the door into the desires of our soul. If we shun the feelings of the heart we are neglecting the path the soul is wanting to take.

Always listen to your heart. Always speak what it wants to say.

Light & Love,

Tyler Hebert