“Sometimes our darkest hours are the most illuminating.”

We are each on our own individual journey with a purpose to merely develop our unique energy signature called soul. The journey one is taking should not, and should never, be compared to,  or judged, when it comes to the journey another person is partaking. We are not here to criticize, judge or praise ourselves to be more evolved than someone else. We are each here to grow as much as we can as individuals and while doing so, we are to lend guidance to those in need of the wisdom we already have possession of from past experiences. Enlightenment is all about spreading wisdom and knowledge with those that find themselves in surrender. There is a reason we come across the people we do on a daily basis, as everything is a test. There exist no one on this Earth able to say they are not being tested. As long as the soul is tethered to a physical body, then there will always be something to be learned.

Love & Light,

Tyler Hebert