We all know that when it comes to the every day “normal” person, there will exist some odd people. These odd people are the ones that experience things majority of people label insane, ridiculous and merely impossible. When it comes down to it they are stuck with a choice to make: He/She can, either, decide that there is a possibility they are crazy and avoid reality, or they can choose to shun what everyone else thinks and embrace the fact that they are different from the rest of the crowd.

Live not for the acceptance of others, but for self-acceptance. Who you are is nothing more than beautiful. Who you are is nothing more than perfect. To be normal is not what we are to live for. We are to live for defining our soul identity and true nature of our individuality. Learning to tune in and trust one’s own instincts, thoughts and beliefs will lead to one of the most beneficial things a person can envelop, which is self-mastery.

“Always be true to who you are by knowing all you are to be true.”