These are things I encountered during the Mercury Retrograde (2/24/13 – 2/26/13)



– Extra sensitivity to cold and hot

– Goosebumps manifesting from the bottom of my spine all the way to the bottom of my throat

– Pain in my left  liver

– Pressure in both of my temples, like two fingers were placed inside of them. (When I relaxed and let go, of control over my body, the fingers would control my head moment. If I asked questions  my head would rock back and forth and side to side.)

– Patches of energy sticking to my physical body

– The feeling of energy entering through the left side of my body

– Seeing objects as light energy during the day and at night

– Seeing white transparent fog everywhere through my physical eyes

– Emotions of fearlessness and peacefulness

– Sensitivity to vibrational energy

– Channeling cold energy into my palms and finger tips

– Coldness within the center of my chest

– Choking sensation in my throat


These are a few.  I will add to this list soon, as my complete list is in my journal.

Did anyone of you have any odd or unexplained experiences during the Mercury Retrograde? If so, please share them with me.