My First Connection With Spirit 

The Spirit Reader”

by:  Tyler J. Hebert

Last night my sister and I decided to go out and have dinner on the town. It has been sometime since we’ve both been staying with my brother in Lake Charles and we figured it would be nice to go see what this town was all about. We were driving around with no destination in mind. We both agreed that we would stop at the place that caught our eye. Well, we spent about an hour driving around. Time was going by and we had yet to eat. I decided to turn around and head back up the road we had just driven down. I figured we might have overlooked a restaurant, since there were so many.

Not soon after, my sister yells, “A Spirit Reader!”

I quickly turned the wheel to the right and ended up going through the poor woman’s yard. I’m guessing that the vehicle I was in had left behind tracking of our eagerness of her service. When I parked the car my sister said, “Wait, I don’t know if I am ready.” I replied, “You wouldn’t have yelled out, Spirit Reader, if we weren’t meant to be here.” She agreed and we got down and knocked on the door. Well, at first I rang the door bell. No one came. I rang it again. Still, no-show of someone being within the building. My sister suggested I knock. So, I did. The door opened and there stood a young lady.

Her hair was golden-yellow and twisted in a bun. She looked as if she had been working hard all day and just wanted to relax. Her dress was that of the color coral, which contrasted with her hair and fair skin so perfectly. Her voice was soft and gentle. It was very inviting. She stated, “Yes, can I help you?” From there my sister and I walked on in and began speaking with the lady. While my sister and she were conversing, I decided to go within and get a sense for the atmosphere of the house.

The atmosphere was thick and cloudy. I felt heavy, but lifted at the same time. I then felt my guide put his hands on my shoulders. At this moment I knew I was at the right place at the right time. I then decided to quiz the woman to get a feel for her expertise. I asked how old she was and she told me she was 27. I quickly replied, like I always do with haste, OMG, I am 26.

My answer was irrelevant, but still, I like that she was around my age. I asked her when she first realized she had a gift. She said that it runs in her family genetically and she first noticed when she was about 5. She, also said, that she could see auras and peoples energy. This excited me, as I have only had one person whom was able to visually see someone standing behind me. I took this as the perfect time to ask if she could aid my knowledge on the appearance of my spirit guide.

I asked, “Can you tell me who is standing behind me at this very moment?”

She replied, “I do not sense anyone who is there all the time. She said it is not a family member watching over you. She said but I do sense that you are a very heart loving person.”

Her answer meant nothing to me, as I already know what she informed me of. I was bummed. I felt as though my spirit guide was applauding her incompetence in answering my question.

Time went on and she asked for me to wait in her living room, while she took my sister to the back for her reading. Yes, the woman does business out of her home. I sat in the first chair I seen, which was one of two, not including the couch or the love seat. I do not know why I chose that chair, but I did. I sat down in it and crossed one leg over the other and placed my arms on the arms of the chair. I honestly looked like a king on a throne. The chair I was in made me feel so content and powerful. My chin was up and my confidence was the same.

I decided to look around and get more of a feel for her home. After a few seconds I began feeling more comfortable. I felt as though I lived in this home, like I had been there before. I was extremely content to a point where I had no ounce of worries or problems within. I was not myself. I felt energy all around me coming from around my arms and shoulders. It was not my guide, because my guide has this energy that has no temperature.

So, I went in again and asked a couple of questions, “Is there someone around me whom this home is their place of residence?”

I felt two hands then caress both of my biceps. That confirmed it was not my guide, as my guide or guardian angel know that they touch my right shoulder for yes and left shoulder for no.

“Are you here to watch over the people within this home? If so, tug at my shirt sleeves.”, I quickly muttered internally.

The spirit then started tugging at my left sleeve. Then he tugged my right one. He tugged my left one and then my right again. The spirit was standing behind me and at that moment I realized that I felt content merely because his energy body was combining with my own. It was so strong that it overpowered my own and allowed me to feel exactly how the spirit was feeling.

My sister then came out, along with the lady, and she asked if I was ready. I told her that I was not there for a reading. I told her that I was there for another reason. She looked confused. I then took it upon myself to tell her how I was able to sense energy from beyond the physical. I then told her that I connected and felt someone here that may have lived in this home before.

She softly replied, “Yes, my husbands father just passed away. This was his home.”

I told her that I could sense the energy there and it wanted me to let her know that he was there watching over her, her husband and her children.

She looked at me with a gaze and spoke these words, “I always felt like someone was here, but I just didn’t know who it was. I am glad you told me that and I will surely tell my husband. Thank you.”

I then thanked the woman for her time and her hospitality. My sister and I got into the vehicle and we went on our way. It was a great night and I felt content and so confidence for about an hour afterwards. After sometime I went back to feeling like my everyday self.

It was just another weird encounter. I await my next..