I look forward to the New Moon, tonight! However, Mercury is still in Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde

Physically and astronomically speaking, Mercury is in retrograde when from the vantage point of the Earth and its place in its orbit, Mercury in its orbit appears to move backwards across the sky in a retrograde motion to its normal path. Astronomically speaking, Mercury in retrograde is usually seen as a time when energy and communication is “thick”. Energy is harder to discern, energy is harder to mold. This can be a time when you perceive a lot of struggles, as things that normally are effortless become a challenge. Things that normally come together suddenly scatter into different directions. This can be an effect of Mercury in Retrograde, but it also has to do with collective consciousness.

If everybody believes that Mercury in retrograde causes hardship and a lot of struggle, than that is what you will experience. So while there can be cycles when things are easier than others, it is also tempting to blame it on an outside phenomenon. Use this time to break out of those limiting beliefs. You still have control, you still direct where your energy goes and how you respond to different situations.

Don’t let yourself be trapped into believing that things that are happening to you are from an unknown source or force that you cannot control. Always remember that it is within you and if you work on approaching everything with a flexible mindset you will find that Mercury in retrograde is no different for you than any other astrological time of the year. And while it may deflect your path somewhat from the direction you set forward temporarily, look at it as adding a little spice instead of in-congruence and allow yourself to press on. Doing so can help you ensure that you constantly are in charge of your own destiny and are not at the whim of some outside astrological force.

If you follow my rules that I teach and think of it as playing, then Mercury in retrograde may not seem as bad because you look at it as being funny. Rather than being this big, scary thing or something that’s going to mess up everything that you are trying to do just play and go “Oh, that’s not how I wanted this to happen or how I was going to do it”, but just go with it. Just laugh.

If you laugh and have fun, it keeps that higher vibrational energy and makes it easier for you to stay connected. Then things can come to you and you can see different ways. Sometimes things seem negative or hard because they don’t happen the way you expected or thought it should be, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be bad. Just say, “Oh, that’s not the way I would have done it so let’s just go this way” and have fun going a different way. Realize that it can still bring you joy and be fun even if it doesn’t match your preplanned expectation.

Don’t let it frustrate you.
Just roll with it and keep going.