The Shadow Self

Human beings are split – divided into the sunlight side and the side that lurks in the shadows. For most, the shadow means the unconscious, and one’s shadow self consists of the rejected parts which have been pushed down into the unconsciousness. There are several problems with this situation.

First, it takes life-force energy to keep things confined to the unconscious. Therefore, those with large shadows (almost everyone) have only a fraction of their original energies available to them.

Second, the shadow wants to be made conscious, so it frequently erupts in compulsive behavior, slips of the tongue, depression and wild emotional mood swings.

Third, one’s most precious gifts are frequently pushed into the shadow territory, because their early manifestations likely have met with rejection from parents, siblings or others.

For those on a spiritual path, it is imperative that the shadow be brought to consciousness. One must take the difficult road of examining one’s wounds, consisting of seeing the distorted and disfigured self, that have been forgotten in the interior ‘basement’ and ultimately retrieving the lost fragments of self through unsentimental love and true acceptance of their true self. Many metaphysically inclined people have embraced spirituality in order to avoid looking downward into all of this, but it must be done for there to be any real progress.

No one will ever reach Heaven by flying.

The downward journey into the darkness of the shadow self is the gateway to Divine Light.