Over-Souls, Soul-Blueprint, Soul-Signature & Dual-Souls

Written by: Tyler J. Hebert

Identifying The Soul

When it comes to identifying the substance embodying each of our physical bodies, we are each aware of the struggle to see this energy source. This energy source within each of us is most commonly known as, Soul, or Spirit. Although majority of humanity have never had the privilege in viewing such an energy source with their physical eyes, they still insist the soul does exist and its lack of proof has no effect on it being perceived to reside within each of our physical bodies.

Soul Empowerment Affirmation:

“We, the beings in the form of man, each possess individual energy signatures. My energy signature, the barrier of my individuality, the keeper of my innate abilities and provider of all accumulated soul wisdom, is the temple that shelters my soul-blue print. My soul-blueprint is the main key in obtaining any and all sacred knowledge, which is the best aid when seeking hints, answers and tips during soul development. My soul is an energy essence possessing this soul-blueprint linking my soul to a larger energy source, known as a oversoul, which is I in the form of many within the cosmic flow of universal energy.

I am Soul. I am Individual. I am Divine. I am Universal Mind. I am One. I am Love.”

Over-Soul, Soul-Blueprint & Soul-Signature

Each over-soul has a link to each individual soul-blueprint and each soul-blueprint has their individual energy signature, which makes up their unique individuality or energy vibration.


The Over-Soul, Soul-Blueprint and Soul-Signature kind of resemble that of a puzzle.

– Each whole puzzle would represent the Over-Soul.

– Each piece of the puzzle would represent a Soul-Blueprint.

– The color and shape of each puzzle piece would represent the Soul-Signature.


The purpose of each soul-signature, or piece of the puzzle, is to discover the individual identity behind the mark-up of their soul-signatureAfter each soul is able to identify with their individual signature they are then able to journey into the deeper cores of their energy vibrations where they have the ability to tap into their soul-blueprint.

Once the soul-blueprint is identified, activated and developed, the path of the soul will be illumined in a broader range to reveal and showcase the actual soul contract, which states everything the soul-signature agreed to experience, including every struggle, highlight, encounters, etc.  Having access to this specific contract will not only ensure the soul-signature never stray to far from their path, but it will aid in obtaining wisdom and knowledge from previous lifetimes.


Soul Contact: Each Soul Plans Their Life Path

So, the Soul Contract is basically a document signed by the soul-blueprint stating one’s approval to incarnate back to Earth. The signed contract, also, declares one’s acceptance to experience all that is needed to aid in reaching a certain level of enlightenment. Prior to being born, the soul-blueprint remains dormant and must be awakened. The soul-signature is accessible through the first few years of childhood. However, one must live, love and obey the orders of the soul in order to keep a steady foundation and connection with their soul. Once the physical being begins listening and obeying the mental, emotional and physical bodies, in which he/she decides to live without the spiritual by indulging into a more physical environment will end up closing the connection to our soul.

Soul Disconnection: Dependency on The Physical Plane

When the physical body begins to take over and stop obeying the soul, the soul will step aside. It knows each person is granted free-will. Each soul within each person has experienced many lifetimes before and already is aware of what is to come. It doesn’t matter if the physical person decides to live a more physical reality. It doesn’t matter if the physical being decides to become dependent on material things, including love, access eating, materiel possessions, consuming drugs, etc.

However, if ever a person decides to turn to drugs and shun their soul, it might just be the soul who planed this to happen for the purpose of making their awakening more of a challenge.  The goal of the soul is get the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies back into perfect alignment with their higher-self. At times, each soul comes to find that awakening is much more easier said then done, as it becomes more a struggle with the deception, corruption and manipulation placed upon humanity. Not only are the souls required to awaken, but they are also required to lift the veil of illusion and discern what all is worthy of truth when it comes to the benefit of humanity as a whole.

The Soul Awakening: Heightened Frequency of Vibrational Energy

As each energy begins discovering the benefits of projecting their consciousness inward, they will find the true meaning behind energy vibrations and how we attract what we receive through them. The energy vibration of a being begins to vibrate at a frequency that has no effect on the physical body. Most human beings are not able to sense, or even feel vibrational energy besides those perceived through the everyday 5 senses. It is only through the awakening of our soul which causes the activation of our major energy centers. These energy centers act as filters which allow for the intake and releasing of any and all energy, including spiritual energy and psi energy. Each chakra is associated with specific charateristics and abilities what deal with the development of our soul and its true potential and full capability.  Like our energy vibration, the chakras will begin to spin in harmony with the frequency aligned in perfect tune with our higher-self.


The soul decides the path of its life prior to descending back into the material world where then meet their physical body. The point of life relates more to the existence of the soul, rather than the existence of the physical body. The physical body is one that will become a thing of the past, while the soul is something that lives on forever. Therefore, it is not what one is able to accomplish as a physical being. It is about how one is able to beat their last record in awakening the soul and encouraging awakening in others. Each soul wants to awaken earlier than others, as the earlier one is able to awaken, the more time the soul has in finding their identity to aid in their soul development. One one awakens and finds their true potential, he/she has this essence that will inspire others to follow their lead in walking a path together as one without fear. So, when it all comes down to it, it is up to the soul to see how long it takes for the physical body to acknowledge the existence of the soul, which then allows for the ascension to begin.

The Higher-Self

The higher-self, is the highest and most developed part of our soul whome has too high of a vibration which leaves it unable to function within a physical body. If it were to incarnate into a physical body it would end up burning the flesh right off the bones. One of the main things any soul seeks during their spiritual journey, it is a direct connection to their higher-self. If there is one person that knows what resides within the future, what is needed to be done in the present, what needs to be healed from our past, it is our higher-self. Fear not, as it is the higher-self that should bring some form of insight on helping one understand who they are when no longer embodying a physical body. The higher-self can aid in finding the reflection of all we are by how well they give guidance, along with how well we accept and listen to their guidance. A perfect team is one where the soul-signature is where they should be, despite struggles and obstacles, they are able to find a way to stay connected. In reality, the higher-self is nothing more than your own voice within your head. However don’t get it confused with the negative voice, as the higher-self always wants the best for you.

Any soul, energy or entity with a high vibrational frequency will always remain optimistic. They might play jokes at times, but they will never, ever, put any soul in danger for the benefit of their own selfish-amusement. Learn to judge properly and learn the power to stand your ground and tap into the person will. Also, take advantage of your free will when you can. You can explore and discover whatever it is one desires. Never let fear keep you from allowing yourself the privileged of encountering an experience beneficial to an advancement in the development of the soul.

“If we fail to notice who is deceiving us within our physical reality, how are we ever going to discern deception within our spiritual reality?”