The First Challenge of the soul deals with childhood. During this time the soul has to bring the physical, mental and emotional bodies in alignment with the spiritual in order to reveal as much as possible about the individual energy signature in which they embody, along with all of its inhabitants. Some of the soul inhabitants are associated with innate creative talents, unveiling and revealing the importance for independent thinking, defining the soul and its individual identity and so on. This is to be done before the child falls victim to corruption and deception. Our childhood is a very important time in the development of the soul, as it during this time when our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are in perfect alignment with our higher-self.

The Second Challenge of the soul deals with puberty and adolescence. This is the time when the mental, emotional and physical body will begin to fall victim to corruption, manipulation and deception. It is the time when teenagers begin rebelling against authority. This is a time when, if as a child the soul failed to distinguish its identity, the physical aspect of self will then begin to seek out the defining of their being through external approval and acceptance. Majority of people around this age fail to go within to find reassurance, because they have no other choice but to lean on the reassurance externally in order to provide the defining of their identity. This will totally have the person become superficial and detached from the true essence of their soul identity. If the soul has to experience anything to this extreme it asked for more than it bargained for, because the physical, emotional and mental, are now fully dependent on the material for everything. This will eventually put a strain on the soul and cause it to become totally disconnected from the other aspects of the self, which in time will cause the entire spiritual body to be buried deep within and remain dormant for the time being.

The soul already knows of any side tracks that are to be taken by the physical body. The soul will have this occur to have recovering back complete control of the physical to be much more of a challenging struggle. The soul is aware of what it is capable of. The actual struggle is getting the physical, mental and emotional bodies to fully confide and then accept the spiritual aspect of the self to be necessary in order to stabilize the link connecting to the higher-self.

The Third Challenge of the soul deals with the years when one is a young adult. This time is much easier, and is usually the time when the soul allows the physical to explore various careers, jobs, subjects of education, artistic endeavors and so on. During this time the soul will try at all cost to guide the physical being to things that deal with their soul desires and hearts passions. This could be either a hard time, or it could be a smooth bump-less ride. It all depends on one’s level of consciousness, dealing with the mental body, the amount of unhealed wounds in the form of energy blockages, deals with the emotional body, and last but not least, how aware one if of their self-worth, self-respect, self-appreciation and self-love, along with their level of confidence in being able to identify the essence of their true-self.
The moment you decide to listen will be the moment you find out more about yourself than you probably wish to acknowledge.