Personal Theory

I’ve experienced many weird things during my ascension process, including times when I felt energy enter my body. This happened on numerous accounts. Although, I was never harmed at any time during each process. From what I have discovered, according to my own experiences, the energies entering my being came in from different parts of my body. I’ve had them enter through my feet, my chest, buttocks, thighs, hands, neck, head, etc.
My intuition, with the aid of observation and discernment, tells me I am experiencing what everyone else is experiencing. The only advantage I have is the ability to perceive such vibrations of energy frequencies. Each frequency matched the other, as they all vibrated at the same frequency. And, how weird is it that they each matched my own frequency?
So, my conclusion clearly states, during Ascension our multidimensional bodies are realigning with our physical body. In other words,  they each reconnect to the physical body by jumping back into it.
My Records Show:
I have experienced this multiple times. I think I counted 12.
We are to activate 12 strands of DNA
There are 12 Ascension Crystal
12 Multidimensional Planes
Each dimensional body embodies 1 of the 12 crystalline DNA structure
When all dimensional bodies have reconnected with the physical body, we activate the Lightbody!